Maine Coon Stolen From Cat Show!

Published December 2003

Arcadia, Southern California,
December 14, 2003

At a TICA Kat Knappers Cat Club show held in Arcadia, in the Pasadena-Los Angeles area of Southern, California, a female Maine Coon was stolen right out of her benching cage.

The cat, called Ophelia, is an 8 month old, brown classic tabby, unspayed female, dripping in coat, with huge lynx tips on her ears.

She belongs to Paul Huntley and Trish Leary of Lunarcoons.

She was stolen out of her cage around 4 in the afternoon.

Prior to the cat disappearing, a woman was noticed in the benching area expressing an interest in acquiring a Maine Coon for breeding, and asking if this particular cat was available. She is described as follows:

Female, mid-40's, approx. 5'6" tall, 130 pounds, average build, long straight brown hair, with a reddish-blonde dyed cast, to about the middle of her back. She was wearing glasses, either dark wire frame or thin plastic tortoiseshell frames. She was wearing a baggy red multicolor coat, wool type material, distinctly patterned with Southwest / Native American style designs, and dark pants. She was carrying a large tote bag, rainbow striped, either knitted or crocheted.

The Santa Anita Racetrack Security and Arcadia Police Department have been notified of this crime, and are treating it as Grand Theft. A report was taken at the scene, and fingerprints have been lifted by the police from Ophelia's cage and surrounding area.

The contact info for Arcadia Police is as follows:

Arcadia Police Department
Officer John Stacey, ID#523
250 West Huntington Drive
P.O. Box 60021
Arcadia, CA 91066-6021
Tel: 626-574-5150
Fax: 626-447-6581

The woman expressed an interest in getting a whole female for breeding. If this is the case, it is possible she will attempt to get stud service for the cat.

If you live in the southern California area please be on the alert for anyone calling or emailing you for a stud service for a Maine Coon.

Please notify your vet about the stolen cat in case someone new brings in a cat resembling this one.

If you are contacted for stud service and suspect that the female in question might be this stolen cat, please accept the cat for breeding. If possible, obtain identifying information from the woman (an address or phone number) and contact Paul & Trish immediately.

If possible, ask the woman to bring the cat for a breeding or to be evaluated.

This cat can be positively identified as the DNA of both parents is available.

A substantial reward is being offered by Paul and Trish for any information leading to the safe return of the cat They will also pay any vet bills and related expenses that may be incurred in her recovery.

The most important thing to Paul & Trish is that their cat be returned safe and sound. While they would like to see the culprit apprehended, their priority is getting their cat back.

If you have any information, please contact Paul or Trish:

Paul Huntley

Trish Leary

3096 Balardo Way
San Jose, CA 95148-3126
408-274-5862 (message)
408-857-1233 (Trish-cell)
408-857-5825 (Paul-cell)
408-293-2214 (fax)


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