My Cat Has Klingon Fever

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Shirley is a very responsible cat owner and takes excellent care of her cat.

When her cat, Fluffy, became sick, Shirley immediately called her veterinarian and made an appointment for later that day . . . but in the meantime she fired up her computer and searched for an answer for what was wrong with her darling Fluffy . . .

When Shirley finally arrived with her cat at the vet's and put him on the examination table, the conversation begins . . .

Veterinarian (smiling): “Hi Shirley. What's the problem today?"

Shirley (earnestly): “Fluffy threw up last night and had diarrhea this morning. I think he’s got that Star Trek Klingon flu that’s going around. I read all about it on Facebook and it is trending on Twitter right now.”

Veterinarian (thinking Shirley is joking): “Has Fluffy been to Klingon lately? Or has he been in contact with any other fictional extraterrestrial humanoid warrior species?"

Shirley (very seriously): “Well, no, but my brother in Texas watched a Star Trek movie a couple weeks ago and his girlfriend has a cat and they were visiting our mother last weekend. I googled the symptoms and I really think Fluffy has Klingon Fever”.

Veterinarian (barely managing to keep a straight face): “Have you changed Fluffy's food lately?”

Shirley (looking confused): “Not really . . . oh, wait . . . I did give him a little of the leftover turkey from Christmas. But he liked it. That wouldn't make him sick. Please, can you run the test for the Klingon Fever? I am sure that is the problem.”

Veterinarian (seriously): “I think it might be best to start with a stool sample, some bloodwork, and X-rays to make sure Fluffy didn’t swallow a turkey bone.”

Shirley (not very politely): “Turkey bone? But my dentist’s cousin’s Facebook friend’s cat DIED of Klingon Fever and he was vomiting too!”

Editor's Note: While we are able to see the amusing side of a cat owner looking their cat's symptoms up on the internet, misinformation has always been (and will continue to be) a serious drawback to all the positive aspects of the internet.

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