National Cat Day 2013

Published November 2013

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The eighth annual National Cat Day was celebrated across America on Oct. 29, 2013.

The holiday was created in 2005 by Pet Lifestyle Expert, Colleen Paige, in order to raise awareness about cats in need of rescue and to encourage cat adoption.

Colleen, who lives in Portland, Oregon, fell in love with cats when she was just a child. Her first kitten’s birthday was on Oct. 29, and that became the inspiration for the national cat day holiday.

National Cat Day is also an opportunity to talk about how to keep cats safe. Halloween is a particularly dangerous time for outdoor cats with so many people trick-or-treating, so the timing of National Cat Day is a great reminder to be aware of their safety. 

Last year, National Cat Day did not see much internet activity because of Hurricane Sandy, but this year drew more attention. This year featured a very unique promotion.

In New York City, San Francisco and Seattle, you could order kittens for 15 minutes of playtime from the taxi service Uber for just $20, with 100% of the proceeds going to local pet charities. The promotion was co-sponsored by the meme blog Cheezburger.


In New York, all of the proceeds go to the ASPCA. In San Francisco, the proceeds go to the San Fransisco SPCA and in Seattle to the Seattle Humane Society.

Since the kittens were provided by the local participating animal shelter, clients had the option of adopting the adorable little felines.

What's Next?

Colleen also has created National Dog Day, Puppy Day and Wildlife Day. National Kitten Day is next on the agenda. There are 15 active pet holidays in the US. These national holidays are prime opportunities for shelters to ramp up the conversation about pet adoption.

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