New PKD Clinic At UC-Davis

by Leslie A. Lyons, PhD

Published February 2005

February 2005

Recently, the genetic tests for polycystic kidney disease and agouti were announced and have become commercially available:

Several other breeds are obvious outcrosses to Persians, but not enough cats have been tested to say the PKD test is valid for that breeds other than Persian/Exotics.

Our research lab is announcing a NEW PKD ultrasound clinic so that we can collect DNA samples and validate the test for other breeds of cats. Then the test will be offered commercially.

The ultrasound testing will be free. Research donations will be accepted.

You must bring cats that are PKD POSITIVE. We can not validate the test unless we can combine positive ultrasound with a positive DNA test.

All breeds are welcome.

Attention Persians and Exotics:

We have an opportunity to perform a drug trial that may help develop a drug for PKD, which will hopefully slow or prevent the development of cysts. This would be very helpful for humans too! We need to find cats with severe PKD. For every positive cat you bring to the clinic, we will do a DNA test on any untested cats for FREE!

The clinic will be held on a Saturday or Sunday in February at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine.

We have to pick a date. We can offer the week-end of Fenruary 12th or the 19th, 2005. Please send responses and an estimate of how many cats. Once we know which day is better, we will finalize the information and provide more details.

We need your information on date, breed and number of cats you can bring.

Best regards,

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD Office: (530) 754-5546
Assistant Professor Lab: (530) 752-7127

Staff Scientist, CNPRC Fax: (530) 752-4278

1114 Tupper Hall
Department of Population Health & Reproduction School of Veterinary Medicine
University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616


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