New CFA Show Rules 2005

Published May 2005

There are several exciting changes to the show rules for CFA in 2005 - including increasing the finals to Top 15 in Championship and Premiership when the entries reach 150 and 75 cats respectively!

National/Regional Scoring

Effective with the 2005-2006 show season, breed wins will be scored for kittens and premiership cats, as well as championship.

Final Awards

In addition to kittens, finals up to 15 are now permitted for the championship and premiership classes, based on the number of entries (150 for championship and 75 for premiership).

Corrections to 2005/2006
Show Rules/Standards

Premiership finals will be Best through 10th Best when cat entries are less than 75, for Premiership entries of 75 or more the final awards will be Best through 15th Best.

British Shorthair Color Class

The patched tabby & whites are included in the Parti-Color and Bi-Color class.

Maine Coon Color Class

The Silver Tabby class and Silver Tabby & White class includes the patched pattern.
Red Tabby & White VANS are to be shown with the Red Tabby & Whites (color class # 9740-9741).
Silver Tabby & White VANS are to be shown with the Silver Tabby & Whites (color class #9736-9737).

RagaMuffin Standard

The first sentence of the COLOR section should say "every color and pattern is allowable with or without white, with the exception of pointed colors.

Turkish Angora Color Classes

The following colors are included in the newly named color class Parti-Color and Bi-Color: Smoke & White [black smoke & white, blue smoke & white, cameo smoke (red smoke) & white, cream cameo smoke (cream smoke) and white], Calico Smoke, Dilute Calico Smoke.

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