New Show Rules for 2001-2002

Published May 2002

There are 2 major show rule changes that begin with the new show season that every cat show exhibitor needs to know and understand. The new show rules concern the transfer of opens to the champion/premier class, and the change in national/regional scoring.

Transfer of Open Cats to Champion/Premier

Actual wording of the new rule:

8.05b Cats completing the requirements for the Championship or Premiership class by the end of class judging on the first day of a two day show may file the Championship Claim Form and fee with the Master Clerk for inclusion in the show records package for CFA. Such cats will be eligible for competition as a Champion or Premier on the second day of the show. Championship and Premiership transfers must be given to the Master Clerk by the end of class judging on the first day of a two day show.

8.05c The Master Clerk will record all transfers filed by the end of the first day of the show on an absentee/transfer sheet designed for this purpose.

11.18c To qualify for the Champion or Premier class on the second day of a two day show, the exhibitor must file a completed Championship Claim form and fee with the Master Clerk before the end of the first day of a two day show. Transferring a cat from Open to Champion or Premier class is at the option of the exhibitor.

Meaning of the new rule:

Effective with the start of the 2001-2002 show season, Opens that complete the requirements for Champion/Premier class on the first day of a two-day show can be transferred and compete as Champions/Premiers on the second day.

What does this mean for the average exhibitor?

  1. The champion/premier count will be the total number of champions/premiers present at the show including any transfers on Sunday.
  2. In other words, the champion/premier count may increase on Sunday.
  3. The transfer from Open to Champion/Premier must occur prior to the end of the show on Saturday.
  4. You must fill out the championship/premiership claim form as per usual.
  5. Master Clerks are not required to accept cash, so have a $10 check ready.
  6. Make life easier for the Master Clerks and clearly mark the show entry number of your cat on your Championship/Premiership Claim Form when submitting them.
  7. All transfers are optional.
  8. Opens who obtain their 6th ribbon on Sunday may not transfer to the Champion/Premier class.
  9. NOTE: the transfer of Champions to the Grand Class was NOT ACCEPTED


  1. You no longer waste an opportunity to gain grand points the second day of your open show.
  2. A cat who obtains their 6th ribbon on the Saturday, but who wishes to compete on Sunday, will no longer feel pressure from other open cats in their color class to pull.

Individual Ring Scoring for National/Regional Points

Actual wording of the new rule:

Article XXXVI - Scoring:
At the completion of the show season, a cat/kitten will be credited with the points from its highest 100 individual rings (40 for kittens).

Meaning of the new rule:

The total points calculated for National and Regional awards will be now be the points earned in the top 100 individual rings (40 for kittens). Ring point averaging of shows has been eliminated.

What does this mean for the average exhibitor?

Some things remain exactly the same as they have been previously:

  1. As usual, there is a single count for the entire show.
  2. As usual, for the purposes of the show's count, if a cat is present in one ring, it is counted as being present in all rings.
  3. Using the official show count for the show, you calculate the number of points for each individual final.

    The difference is that there is no longer any ring point averaging

  4. Instead of adding each final together and dividing by the number of rings in the show as we did to obtain the ring point average for the show in past years, now each ring's points "stand alone" and becomes one ring of your cat's top 100 (or 40 for kittens) rings.
  5. a missed final no longer has an impact on the other finals in the show.
  6. You will have 100 individual, separate and unique numbers for your top 100 (or 40) rings.


  1. You can celebrate every final your cat makes.
  2. No longer will one missed final ruin an entire show's results.
  3. There should be less tension in the showhall :-).
  4. Show expenses may be reduced as you need not travel to farther shows because one judge at a local show does not like your cat.
  5. More than one cat in the same class/breed or division can have a "good" show, since making even one final can contribute to a cat's point standing.
  6. The unfairness of an uneven LH/SH split will no longer penalize the cat who does well AB but suffers in the RPA because their specialty count is much lower than the other specialty's count.
  7. Minority breeds who often find it difficult to find complete judging slates who final their breed will be on a more level playing field.

Your cat can be a star!

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