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Recently there has been much discussion about the creation of "designer" breeds of cats by cross-breeding established cat breeds such as Persians and Maine Coons to create a new breed.

Well, after some thought, we have decided to propose much more unusual breedings . . .

And decide what the resulting new breed might be called.

So . . .

What if you crossed a Maine Coon with a Korat?

Would the resulting breed be called a Kocoon . . . a cat that wants to metamorphose?

Or maybe it would be called a Main Rat?

Or a Thai-coon?

What if you crossed an Abyssinian bred to a Bengal?

You might produce a breed called an Abygal.

What if you crossed a Maine Coon with with a Manx?

Would the new breed be called a Maine Man X . . .a cat owned by a superhero mutant?

What if you crossed A Mackerel Tabby with a Maine Coon?

Would the resulting breed be called be called a Macker-oon, a cat that likes cookies . . .

What if you crossed a Havana Brown with Ragamuffin?

You might produce a Havamuffin . . . a cat that bakes and gives away muffins . . .

And likes to hang out with that new breed called a Macker-oon . . .

What if you crossed a Munchkin to a Ragamuffin?

You'd get a Munchamuffin, a cat that likes to eat the baked goods made by the Havamuffin . . .

What if you crossed a Cornish Rex bred to a American Curl?

You might produce a new breed called a Corn Curl . . .

What if you crossed a Scottish Fold with a Napoleon then crossed the result with a Munchkin?

Would you produce an entirely new breed called a Folded Nap-kin?

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