Cee-Lo's Cat

Published March 2012

Fans of the popular singing competition on NBC TV network, The Voice, have been treated to a "feline" addition to the cast this season.

In a video to promote the second season of the show, Coach Cee Lo Green "upped" his "class" factor by being seen cuddling and stroking an elegant white female Persian. Looking straight into the camera, he said,"I want to introduce you to a friend of mine, very dear to my heart. Her name is Purrfect."

Cee Lo says that having Purrfect appear with him onstage is an homage to Mike Myers' fictional character, Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers film series, however Dr. Evil is actually a parody of the James Bond villain Ernst Stavro Blofeld as featured in You Only Live Twice. Blofield often held a trademark white Persian in his arms, stroking it as he plotted world domination. Mimicking the James Bond villain, Cee-Lo is seen stroking the cat whenever he is seen to be scheming on the show.

While Cee Lo says he has owned 20 or more cats in his lifetime, Purrfect isn't one of them. She's a rental. She lives with Benay Karp, owner of Benay's Bird & Animal Rental in Hollywood, CA. A year ago Benay rescued Purrfect from a shelter and introduced her to show biz. Now she is a real scene-stealer and a star in her own right. Purrfect has over 10,000 ‘likes' on her Facebook page and more than 35,000 followers on Twitter @purrfectthecat. She does all her own Tweeting from an iPawd.

After her debut tapped appearance on the NBC show, Purrfect posted a message to her Facebook page that said: ‘Camera adds 10 lbs of fur, but I look purrrrfect. Don't you agree?'

Purrfect post hilarious tweets about the coaches' cat fights. She has even exchanged tweets with rival coach Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 singer wrote a message on his Twitter page that popped up on screen during the airing of the show, which said: ‘Arm wrestling Cee Lo wouldn't go well for me. However, I'm pretty sure I could take the cat. It's on @PurrfectTheCat.'

Cee Lo is hoping to mentor the show's winning act this year after losing out to Adam Levine in the last season of the hit show.

NBC had no comment as to what Purrfect's is paid for appearring on the show, but one report pegged it at $350 a day, including $45 an hour for her trainers. The money goes toward her long-term care and maintaining her lifestyle once she has retired from showbiz.

Purrfect is not currently granting interviews to the media.

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