The Quilt Maker

by Lee Harper
Mockingbird Persians & Exotics

Published November 2004

I have always loved quilts. Naturally, as a cat lover I have been "owned" by numerous felines over the years. From time to time, I would buy my favorite cat its own little "blankie" - and I loved to choose a quilt for my special cat to lounge on. Plus it kept the hairs off the sofa :-)).

The problem however, is that most pet quilts are not constructed well enough to stand up to the wear and tear and washing needed by any quilt being used by an animal.

Recently however, I discover a local quilt maker who is both an artist and technician.

The Quilt-Maker

Her name is Carmel O'Connell. She has been a quilter for the almost two decades. As long as she can remember she has been putting a needle and thread together.  When she first tried quilting, she knew she had found her passion.

Quilting brought out the artist in her. Being able to create an heirloom that could be passed down from generation to generation is a gift that she wanted to share. 

Well Made

Her quilts are only made of 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread.  Each square is cut out individually and re sewed back together again with a backstitch and a double knot to create a strong, almost indestructible, seam.

Her quilts are built to last!

Cat Themes and More

Carmel's cat quilts often are made from materials with cats cavorting across them. From Flying Felines to herds of green-eyed kitties, these quilts bring a smile to your lips. For cats with more subtle tastes, browse through the quilts in the General Gallery for sophisticated color schemes and themes not directly cat related.

The Secret Star

Each quilt has a tiny star hidden somewhere within the pattern of the quilt. No two stars are in the same place. When you look at one of the quilts you won't see the star right away. She stitches it in the same color thread as the background of the quilt. To find your star you need to feel it.

Custom Touches

The Pet Quilts come with the option of having the following poem inscribed on it...

Somewhere hidden on your quilt is a special star.
If you wake in the night, find your star.
Simply rest your paw upon it.
A beautiful dream waits there for you.

Or you can request a special message of your own. Tassels can be added to the corners... a pocket can be added to contain your kitty's favorite toy... the possibilities are endless. Whatever your heart can imagine, Carmel can make a reality.

Most of the pet quilts are sized in the 20" by 30" range, but Carmel will make them any size you like. You can have one custom made to fit a carrier, your show cage, a cat bed, or your cat's favorite chair. Or how about a little quilt to co-ordinate with your bed linens for the kitty who sleeps with you at night?


The prices of the quilts start at just $40! A Bargain.

Contact The Quilt Maker

Her  cat quilts are very unique they are pieces of art work that will enhance your home. To learn more about Carmel and her stunning quilts, visit her website at or contact Carmel by email at

Your cat can be a star!

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