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Cat exhbitors will, from time-to-time, enjoy a discussion about campaigners pulling their Grands from specialty rings when the count is too low for the ring to contribute to their top rings. Of course, there has always been discussions about whether someone should pull a newly granded champion from the remaining rings at a show. And there is even the question about whether an exhibitor should campaign the same cat for more than one season.

So... when should you pull your cat? And when shouldn't you?

Like most things in life (and the cat fancy), there is no one answer to this question that is right for all people and all situations. But we can certainly look at some of the reasoning behind pulling or not pulling your cat.

The Newly Granded Champion

In November of 2000, we first conducted a poll asking our readers:

"If your cat grands in the first ring of a show, do you pull it from the rest of the show?

1023 people responded:

19% said Never
22% said Sometimes
44% said Usually
15% said Always

Personally, I hate to see grand points wasted... in other words, unless I have a good reason for not pulling, I pull my cat so that available grand points can go to another deserving grand. At most shows, there are always many champions worthy of obtaining their grand title. With increasing costs of showing, females cycling, Persians blowing coat, males feeling their hormones... cats don't always have an unlimited number of opportunities to grand. So I believe once my goal is achieved for my own cat, I prefer to make room for the next champion to earn some points.

Reasons a Cat May Pull Once It Grands:

  1. Good Sportsmanship: Let's let someone else have a chance at the points.
  2. Our job is done here. Let's go home (particularly applicable to cats and their owners who grand first day of a 2-day show).
  3. I'm tired, let's relax and just cruise the showhall.

Reasons a New Grand May Not Pull:

  1. The cat is going to campaign as an adult, so especially if it is finalling in the top 10 at the show, it is going to be earning regional/national points
  2. It is planning on campaigning and wants to see where other judges at the show are going to final it.
  3. The owner enjoys the winning and the rosettes and has a perfect right to continue to celebrate their cat's success at the show.
  4. It is believed that some judges resent or are disappointed if they have less cats in their rings than other judges.




Reasons a Campaigning Cat Does Pull:

  1. The count for that ring is less than their lowest 100th/40th ring and...
  2. They can catch an earlier flight home
  3. Go home early
  4. They feel confident the judge will not use their cat, so prefer to rest their cat

Reasons a Campaigning Cat May Not Pull, even if the count is insufficient:

  1. They are hoping to be Best Cat/Kitten in show... the Lure of Bold Print
  2. They are interested in a Judge's Opinion of their cat in order to plan future show choices
  3. Sadly, they may even be interested in blocking another cat from the points

Reasons a Campaigning Cat May Show a Second Season:

  1. Loftier Goal
  2. Nothing else to show
  3. The cat is getting better
  4. Breed History Goal

Reasons a Campaigning Cat May Not Show a Second Season:

  1. People will grumble
  2. Some judges prefer not to see a cat out a second season and will stop supporting the cat

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