Signs Your Cat Is Your Furry Child

Published February 2008

Treating your cat with the respect you would give a child is not only fun, it is important. Cats are living beings just as much as kids are. They feel, think (some more than others!), love, and need like kids. Having a child should be taken very seriously, and so should getting a cat. Both are responsibilities. Both need medical care, shelter, proper diet, and your time and affection. Both are lifelong commitments.

Of course, there are many aspects of cat-raising that are easier than raising a child. Cats don't go to college. They don't absolutely need a babysitter while you're at work. They potty-train much quicker than kids. Cats don't get speeding tickets. They don't throw temper tantrums at the movie theater. And at the end of a long day, what is more soothing - a wagging, fluffy tail or a puzzling, algebra equation?

Signs that your cat is your furry child:

  1. You always carry a picture of your cat in your wallet... and you show it off often.
  2. When buying a vehicle, you specifically shop for one that will comfortably accommodate your cat.
  3. Your cat has his or her own stocking and gifts under the Christmas tree.
  4. Before going out in the cold, you dress your cat in the proper gear.
  5. There is a seatbelt or car seat in your vehicle for your cat.
  6. You always keep cat treats in your purse.
  7. The plant life in your home includes cat nip and cat grass.
  8. Your cat has birthday parties.
  9. A common form of decor in your home is the cat tree.
  10. Instead of the boarding kennel, your cat goes to Grandma's house.
  11. Your cat drinks from your milk glass, and instead of getting new milk, you just drink after him or her.
  12. Your cat has health insurance.
  13. There are arrangements in your will for your cat.
  14. You have been known to take your cat to the mall in a stroller or a papoose.
  15. Your friends threw you a shower when you got your new kitten.
  16. You've called off work because your cat is ill.
  17. Spending quality time with your cat everyday is a priority.
  18. Kisses from your cat are not gross, they're welcomed.


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