A Silver Tabby Takes On Africa

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Every cat owner knows that no matter how pampered their pet kitty might be, it shares the hunting instincts of its larger cousin—the lion, the tiger, the leopard.

This similarity to the behavior of the larger cats was the jumping off point for an advertising campaign for Whiskas cat food. The campaign known as Big Cat, Small Cat, featured a silver tabby cat seemingly living the life of a wild cat in Africa. The implication is that despite the difference in size, the house cat is not so different from a leopard, lion or cheetah when it comes to food.

The incredible images were created by Scottish photographer George Logan and retoucher Tony Swinney who combined their talents to bring to "life" what it would be like if your purring ball of fur was loose on the African veldt.

The photographs of the African wildlife were taken on the Shamwari Game Reserve in South Africa. The Shamwari Game Reserve, which opened in 1992, is supported by the Born Free Foundation, which campaigns for animal welfare. The images of the silver tabby were then added digitally—for the kitty's own safety.

Chasing after an impala in South Africa is just the start of this fearless feline's adventures in the advertising campaign for Whiskas Cat Food.

The tabby looks like he decided to tackle an elephant . . . or is it just the pachyderm's tail that the kitty wants?

Look up . . . w-a-a-a-a-y up!

Oh no, kitty! You may be barking up the wrong tree. You should let sleeping dogs (leopards) lie.

It's a brave kitty that takes on a water hole full of hippos

This herd of zebras look like they are wondering what this black and white creature is thinking . . .

Tally ho!

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