Skinny (Not!)

Published October 2012

Imagine if you looked out your window and saw a 41 pound stray cat waddling across your lawn? For a resident of the Dallas-area suburb of Richardson that is exactly what happened.

The obese feline was taken into the local animal shelter where she was named "Skinny" in contradiction to her immense girth.

Although the orange (red) tabby cat was originally thought to be a neutered male, examination by a veterinarian revealed "he" was a "she". Skinny's weight problem makes her a bit of a couch potato, even laying down when she eats. She can only take a few steps at a time and has a hard time grooming herself. There are concerns about the possibility that she may develop diabetes, joint problems and even liver failure if her weight is not brought under control.

At 47 pounds, Skinny weighs the same as the average 4-year-old child. While Skinny is a good 25 pounds larger than average cat, she is not the fattest cat on record. That (dis)honor belongs to a Himalayan cat in Australia that tipped the scales at almost 47 pounds, according to the Guinness Book Of Records. The category of Fattest Cat has been discontinued as the book publishes did not want to encourage owners to over-feed their felines to try to break the record.

Skinny has found a new temporary home at the East Lake Pet Orphanage in northeast Dallas. She has had a complete health check, is spayed, and is now on a diet.

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