Stolen Cats Recovered

Published February 2003


January 20, 2003, CFA judge and breeder of Wil-o-glen Abyssinians, Carolyn Osier, returned home from a weekend judging assignment to discover that almost all her cats had been stolen from her home.

Devastated, but determined, Carolyn immediately began a campaign to notify the public of the theft. The police and media were notified. Supported by fellow cat fanciers, flyers were made and distributed in her city and in show halls around the country. Veterinarian Hospitals were alerted to be on the lookout for any new Abyssinian clients brought in for treatment. reported the crime in the article titled, Abyssinians Stolen!

A reward fund for any information leading to the return of the cats was started - with pledges from cat clubs and breeders quickly topping the $11,000 mark.

Well... we now have a happy ending to report :-).

All but two of the missing felines have been found.

Six were later found wandering at the Laguna Niguel Dog Park on Street of the Golden Lantern Avenue, about four miles from Osier's home.

Visitors at the park spotted the cats Sunday and called animal control officers, who searched the park and found two female adults -- Blossom and Goody Two Shoes -- and four kittens.

The cats found at the dog park were taken to an urgent-care facility, where they were treated for minor scratches, then taken to the county's animal shelter.

Thanks to all the News attention, Dr. Fisher of the Mission Viejo Animal Hospital (the Shelter's vet), along with his staff, noticed that the Abys appeared to be the same as they listed as stolen. One of his staff members used to work at the Tustin Cat Clinic - where Carolyn goes and
recognized the cats as being hers. Dr. Fisher contacted the Cat Clinic and confirmed that indeed Carolyn's cats were missing. Once notified, Carolyn immediately went to the Shelter & Animal Hospital to retrieve her cats.

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have participated in any way in the effort to get my cats back. Every time I hug one of my returned babies I think of the great "family" that made their return possible.

Carolyn Osier

Another one of the missing cats, a Grand Champion male named Karnak, wandered into a local Fire station where he was befriended by the firefighters.

Still missing is Chia, a pregnant female, and Dory, a 4 month old female kitten. With no sign of them, the decision was made to seek canine help - and Valorie, a little border collie mix dog, and her trainer, Harry Oakes, Jr. of International K-9 Search and Rescue Services of Portland, Oregon, were hired. It is the only service in the US that will search for lost pets as well as people.

Harry and Valorie arrived flew to California and began tracking from Carolyn's home. Val immediately followed a good track from the front door of the house, through the apartment complex, across 2 streets to the parking lot of the El Niguel Country Club.

There the track ended. Harry says that she was picked up from that spot, hopefully by a good Samaritan who has not heard about the theft. It looks like she must have escaped the cat-nappers or run out the door when it was opened.

Val then looked for any trace of cats left in the dog park and found nothing.

The conclusion is that the two missing cats have been taken into the homes of good Samaritans who have not heard about the theft.

Well, I'm in love with a dog! A little border collie mix named Valorie who is one of the premier search and rescue dogs in the world. She came, she searched and she answered a lot of questions.

Carolyn Osier

Anyone knowing of the whereabouts or discovering any unidentified Abyssinian cat please contact Carolyn Osier. She can be reached at or her phone number is 949-363-8703.

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