Top 25 For Kittens and Premiers!

Published October 2004

October 2004, CFA announced they would be expanding the National and Regional titles for Kittens and cats in Premiership from top 20 to top 25.

This move brings the Kittens and Altered cats in line with the top 25 the cats in Championship have enjoyed for many years.

This is a welcome and long overdue move.

The addition of 5 more top placements and titles means a total of 10 more national winners each year and 80 more RW and 10 DW winning cats each season.

With the expanded opportunities for extra titles possible for the kittens and premiers each season, we can expect more exhibitors will choose to campaign their felines more. This means not only more satisfaction for exhibitors and more recognition for deserving cats, it also means more show entries with resulting revenue for the show giving clubs, which in turn means more in the CFA coffers.

Bravo CFA!

Your cat can be a star!

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