Woman Sues PETA

Published December 2007

Ami Moore, an accomplished Chicago dog trainer, filed a multi-million dollar, multi-count lawsuit against People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Inc. (PETA) and a West Loop animal rights sympathizer, charging they deliberately defamed her and her business in their calculated and premeditated program of media and internet character assassination in recent months.

“This is America and in this country well-funded and well-organized eco-terrorist groups like PETA and its supporters with agendas, should not be allowed to target and destroy innocent people and businesses that they don’t like,” said Ami Moore.

The dispute stems from two misdemeanor complaints filed against Moore in July, 2006, after Moore used an electronic dog training collar to train a dog in a West Loop park. Such “tappers” are commonly used by dog trainers, are considered a humane and dog friendly training tool and are as benign as the ubiquitous invisible fence used commonly by suburban homeowners.

Since last year PETA has deliberately, with malice and forethought, used its web site to disseminate false and defamatory information about Moore and her business to millions of websites around the globe. Opresnik has made false and defamatory statements to several Chicago-area media outlets.

“I haven’t spent decades of my life learning about the dog's heart and mind to let PETA bully me around,” said Moore. “These radical eco-terrorists habitually attack small animal related businesses need to know that they must act responsibly. PETA is Goliath, and I am proud to stand up for all small businesses and be their ‘David’ in this case. The FBI considers PETA to be a clear and present danger to the American way of life, and I agree. Our Congress believed that the threat from PETA and other groups to be so serious, that it passed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) to protect American citizens from the malicious and felonious acts of animal right terrorists groups like PETA. ”

Moore’s business, DoggieDoRight911, is located in Downtown Chicago. Moore is an animal protection activist who has saved hundreds of dogs and households from the pain and consequences of poorly trained and misbehaving dogs. She has thousands of satisfied customers – dogs and people – to prove it.

The DoggieDoRight911 Philosophy

“Dogs have the right to be educated so that they can fit into our modern life. It is inhumane and immoral to have an untrained, uneducated dog that is a danger to the family and the community. Domestic dogs have the right to have the kindest, best, most effective, and most humane training tools and methods used for their education, so that every dog in America can have the greatest of gifts -- a good and loving forever home.”

For up-to-date news about Ami Moore please go to www.chicagosupportsami.com.

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