World Cat Congress 2008

Published March 2008

In June 1994, Associazione Felina Italiana, an Italian cat club, organized the World Congress of Feline Associations (WCC) in Venice to promote better understanding and cooperation among the world's various cat associations in matters of mutual interest including feline legislation and welfare. Their 1999 charter defined WCC's objectives, membership requirements, structure of its meetings, and funding. A full constitution followed in 2003. The WCC operates an ‘open door' policy by which cats registered with one registry can be shown under the rules of another registry.

This year CFA will be sponsoring the cat show associated with the World Cat Congress meetings. The location is the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas.

The show will be held under CFA Show Rules. Regional/National points and Winners Ribbons will be awarded by all judges.

The International slate of Judges include:

Pam DelaBar (CFA)- AB
Willa Hawke (CFA)- AB
Kay DeVilbiss (TICA)- AB
Cheryle U-Ren (CCCoA)- AB

Kathy Calhoun (CFA)- LH
Eric Reijers (FIFE)- SH
Annette Sjodin (FIFE)- LH
Ingrid deWet (SACC) - SH

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