Wrong Cat, Right Husband

by Ann Segrest
Kiriki Korats

Published September 2001

I live in the state of Oregon in a little town called Salem just south of Portland.

Not long ago, I drove to a one-day cat show in Pasco, Washington.

I had only entered one cat, my new Grand Champion Kiriki Toh-Na-Dee, a female Korat.

The distance from my home to the show was a whopping 260 miles, quite a jaunt for a one day show.

When I arrived at the show hotel Friday night, I set up the tent for my cat and then opened the door of the carrier so the cat could run around.

She didn't want to come out of the carrier, but I didn't worry about it; sometimes a motel room smells funny or they hear a noise they don't like.

But when the cat disappeared under the bed and didn't come out, I really began to worry. This Korat loves to travel and is really cool about change.

When she finally came out, I picked her up and did a double take.

I had the wrong cat!

Instead of my Grand Champion, I had a 6-month-old female Korat kitten purring in my arms!

There followed five minutes of my making sure which cat I actually had and swearing A LOT. As usual, I hadn't brought my CFA white pages, so I didn't have any phone numbers available to try to catch a fellow exhibitor near my home before they left for the show to see if they could bring me my Grand.

So I called my husband and asked if he would bring the right cat halfway and I would meet him.

"Sure", he said. He spoils me. And he's a wonderful man :-).

Since he can't tell the cats apart with any regularity, he shoved the other kitten and the right GC into carriers and set off through Portland's Friday-night-of-Labor-Day-Weekend traffic to bring me the right cat.

As it turned out, I drove farther than he did, but we met at our chosen restaurant within 2 minutes of each other, had dinner, swapped cats and I headed back for Pasco.

He drove 180 miles return and I drove 340 miles to get the right cat to the show.

Of course everyone found out about it, and I received one of the special awards for my adventure.

I heard lots of stories from my fellow exhibitors about bringing the wrong cat or forgetting a cat at home. I didn't hear of anyone who had driven farther than my husband and I did to get a cat to a show.

As a footnote to my adventure, the CFA white pages will be included in my show gear from now on :-).

*photo by Jim Brown

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