Password Not Working


If your password is not working, there are several things to check:


Have you inputted the correct Username and Password?

Your username and password are both case sensitive. That means that they must be typed in exactly as you originally chose them, including upper and lower case letters.

    In other words, the password "Mary"
    is not the same as "MARY"
    and is not the same as "mary" either...

Find Your Password

If you are not sure what your username and/or password is, go to Find Your Password and type in the email address that you used when filling out your membership form. If the email address is in our system, you will get the message:

    It's coming...
    Your account information should arrive in your mailbox within the next few minutes.

The system will have sent your username and password to the email address you typed in.

If you type in your email address and you get the message:

Operation Failed
Cause: The email address you entered was not found in our database.

it means that either your membership has expired and is no longer current or you have inputted a different email address than the one you originally filled out on your membership form.


If you cannot figure out why your password is not working, please Contact Us and we will try to help you :-)

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