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  • AOV - Any Other Variety
    AOV, or Any Other Variety, refers to a cat that is a breed or color or has a characteristic that makes it unacceptable for show competition, while it is allowable for registration and breeding purposes.
    January 2008

  • * Are All Problems Inherited?
    Knowing which faults in your kittens may be genetic, and which may be due to other factors is essential to evaluating which cats to include or remove from a well thought-out breeding program.
    September 2022

  • * Breeder Quality Cat
    If you are considering buying a breeder quality cat, it is important to understand what breeder quality means, and how a breeder quality cat can contribute to your breeding program if chosen wisely . . .
    April 2014

  • * Breeding A Cat With A Genetic Fault
    Should you use a cat with a genetic fault in your breeding program? While the answer may not a simple yes or no, here are things to consider that may help you make an informed decision...
    April 2018

  • * Breeding Myths
    Learn the what and why about the most commonly held myths and misconceptions about genetics and breeding...
    October 2020

  • Breeding Plan
    The smart breeder has a PLAN...
    June 2021

  • * Breeding Techniques
    Inbreeding, Line Breeding and Outcrossing... do you understand what each is and more importantly which breeding technique you should be using?
    November 2017

  • * Cutting The Umbilical Cord Of A Newborn Kitten
    Cutting the cord of a newborn is the most common `surgery` the cat breeder is called upon to perform. Enjoy a step-by-step description of the process, complete with photographs.
    March 2020

  • Early Retirement (For Your Breeding Cat)
    Early retirement is something most of us dream about . . . but what about the cats in your breeding program? Don't they deserve an early retirement too?
    April 2018

  • Eye Color In Pointed Cats
    Understand why the eye color of pointed cats can vary from pale blue to deepest navy.
    February 2006

  • * How Long Should A Cat`s Breeding Career Be?
    At what age should a cat be retired from your breeding program?
    June 2021

  • * Hybrid Vigor
    Whether breeding carnations, cattle or cats, every breeder should understand the meaning and implication of hybrid vigor in their breeding program.
    September 2007

  • In Praise of Breeder Quality Cats
    While we all strive for show quality cats, the humble breeder quality cat can also be a valuable part of your program.
    December 2020

  • * Keeping A Fresh Eye
    A longtime breeder shares his thoughts on re-assessing his breeding program
    May 2022

  • * Never Double Up On Faults
    While cat breeding is part art and part science, a basic principal that smart breeders following in mating cats is to never to breed individuals together that share a common fault . . .
    January 2021

  • Omerta
    A dog breeder shares her observation of the code of silence in the fancy regarding undesirable genes in bloodlines
    January 2005

  • One Litter - Two Breeds
    In CFA, when can one litter have kittens registered as two different breeds?
    July 2019

  • * One Litter, Two Sires
    Have you ever wondered if it was possible for one litter of kittens to be sired by two different cats? Learn the answer ...
    August 2021

  • * Process Cat
    Sometimes when you cannot find the `perfect` cat for you breeding program, you decide to accept a cat who has one trait you want even though it doesn`t meet all your needs. This is a process cat.
    September 2021

  • * Remaining Small
    How many cats is enough for a viable breeding progam? How many cats are too many?
    October 2002

  • * Three Strikes Rule
    Every cat breeder constantly needs to make decisions about their breeding program. One of the most worrisome challenges is deciding how long to keep working with a kitty when things go wrong. To help you decide, you may want to consider using the "Three Strikes Rule".
    June 2016

  • * Tongue Tipping
    It can be most frustrating to have your beautiful show kitten begin to tip its tongue...
    July 2019

  • * Your 2 Cents
    See the results of a breeder poll asking such questions as, `At what age do you usually know your kitten has show potential?`
    September 2006



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