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  • Ann Pevey
    The cat fancy has lost respected CFA judge Ann Pevey, a noted breeder of Persians, Manx and Abyssinians under the Wynden cattery name...
    January 2010

  • Birman Color Class Change 2010
    The Chocolate Lynx Point Birmans will be in a separate color classes in CFA...
    May 2010

  • * Breed Council
    Each breed in CFA that has been accepted for championship status has a Breed Council comprised of fanciers of that particular breed and a Breed Council Secretary elected by the members of the Council. Be part of YOUR breed`s leadership.
    January 2001

  • Breed Registrations in CFA, TICA & GCCF
    Could looking into the breed distribution of kitten registrations explain why some cat registry numbers are growing while other registries are declining?
    February 2006

  • * Calculating Grand Points in CFA
    Learn how to calculate the grand points your cat earns at a show in CFA.
    February 2002

  • * Calculating Regional & National Points in CFA
    Learn how to calculate your cat`s Regional/National points accurately - a necessary skill for anyone planning a show campaign.
    February 2002

  • Cat-Minster: The Taping Of A Cat Show
    The 2006 CFA International Cat Show will be the subject of a 2 hour TV special for the Game Show Network to be telecast in March 2007.
    December 2006

  • CFA Approves New Tiered Champion/Premier Title Structure
    CFA has approved new "three-tiered" levels for Champion & Premier titles.
    May, 2020

  • CFA Litter Registrations: 2001 Compared to 1991
    Litter registrations in CFA from 1991 to 2001.
    March 2002

  • * CFA Rules Regarding Disqualification and Withholding Awards
    Learn the rules that govern the disqualification of cats and the withholding of awards in the show ring in CFA.
    December 2010

  • CFA Show Rules & CFA Breed Standards
    An owner tells of her experience campaigning a minority color kitty with attitude.
    May 2008

  • CFA Telephone Directory
    Fill out an online form and be included in the CFA Telephone Directory for 2004
    September 2003

  • CFA To Register Household Pets
    At long last, Household Pets in CFA will be able to have a registration number...
    February 2011

  • Changes In The Requirement To Earn The Title Of Chamion Or Premier In CFA
    A new rule regarding how cats in the Open class in CFA will earn the title of Champion or Premier will make showing much more equitable...
    February 2011

  • Choosing a Cattery Name
    Choosing the perfect cattery name is part of the fun and excitement of taking your first steps along the road to being a breeder.
    September 2016

  • Comparing Cat Registry Numbers
    How many cats were registered in CFA, TICA and GCCF in the past few years? Which cat registries are growing in popularity? Which are declining?
    November 2005

  • Comparing CFA and TICA
    CFA and TICA are two of the most popular cat registries in the world. Many breeders register and show their cats in both organizations. Learn the differences you need to know between the two organizations . . .
    May 2015

  • Counting Cats
    This article includes a lesson from a master clerk on how to read a marked catalogue and count the number of cats necessary to calculate national, regional and grand points.
    April 2009

  • * Exhibitors Responsibilities
    Do you know what YOU are responsible for when you enter a cat show? Check out the CFA show rules for Exhibitors.
    June 2001

  • Filling Out a CFA Entry Form for a Cat Show
    Are you planning on entering your first cat show? Or maybe you are mentoring a newbie with their first show baby. Here`s the information you need to fill out an entry form correctly.
    June 2002

  • First CFA Show in China
    The first CFA show in mainland China took place in Beijing on March 6-7, 2004.
    March 2004

  • Grand Of Distinction: A New Title In CFA
    In 2011, CFA established the requirements for a new title called the "Grand of Distinction". Because this new title is earned over a minimum of three show seasons, the 2013-2014 show season is the earliest that any cat can earn the new title. Read on for more details . . .
    July 2013

  • Herman Goes Online!
    Checking your cat`s grand points can now be done online!
    December 2003

  • Hong Kong`s First One Show Grand
    Last month a brown tabby Exotic male became Hong Kong`s first one show grand in CFA.
    January 2005

  • International 2004 - A Personal View
    A breeder shares her own experiences at the International.
    November 2004

  • Late Kitten Registration Numbers
    CFA has made arrangements for your kitten wins to count, even if you have no number at the time of the show.
    May 2003

  • * Look at CFA Titles
    Ever get confused at how many different ways you see people writing the titles for their cats in CFA? Or wonder about the abbreviations, and which one is correct??
    November 2016

  • The Meaning of the Ribbons at the Cat Show
    What each ribbon is for and how your cat earns them.
    March 2003

  • New CFA National Awards Structure
    With CFA's continued growth and expansion around the world, the board has unveiled the new structure for earning National Awards that will address the challenges of global competition . . .
    January 2016

  • One Litter - Two Breeds
    In CFA, when can one litter have kittens registered as two different breeds?
    July 2019

  • Permanent Cattery Name
    Do you know if you qualify to have your cattery name permanently registered in CFA?
    October 2003

  • Point Charts & E-Points
    Essential Tools for Your Campaign or just granding your cat.
    June 2003

  • * Protests Between Cat Breeders
    Understanding what you can and cannot file a protest about and be successful will save you a lot of emotional wear and tear.
    January 2004

  • Registration Statistics
    Is the cat fancy growing? Or is the cat fancy shrinking? We compare the kitten registration statistics of CFA, TIC, GCCF and the puppy registrations of the American Kennel Club to see which registries are doing better than others.
    May 2001

  • Shorthair Burmilla Advances To Full Championship Status In CFA
    Beginning May 2014, the shorthair Burmilla will be able to earn titles in CFA . . .
    March 2014

  • Show Count Announcements
    Why should cat clubs be required to announce their show counts?
    June 2006

  • * Twenty-One Day Rule
    Do you know what the 21 Day Rule is? It is a rule made by cat regstration associations to protect the health of cats at the cat shows.
    December 2003

  • * Understanding E-Points
    E-Points are a monthly list of the show standings of cats in CFA.
    November 2003

  • Winners Ribbons
    When you kitten graduates to adult classes, the first step towards adding a title to its name is the quest for winners ribbons.
    September 2003



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