Do It Yourself Projects

Articles explaining how to build 'stuff' for your felines - from toys to cages...

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  • Build Your Own Cat Tree
    It`s easier than you think!
    February 2021

  • * Building A Wire Window Guard
    Learn how to use vinyl covered wire shelving from your local hardware store to make a window guard to prevent your cat escaping through an open window.
    June 2005

  • * Cardboard Cat Chaise
    Most cats cannot resist the lure of an empty cardboard box. Now, you can turn a cardboard box into an elegant (sort of) chaise for your favorite feline to lounge upon...
    January 2009

  • DIY Cat Scratcher
    Blogger Mollie Shutt shares instructions and photos on how to create your own homemade cat scratcher using cardboard boxes and masking tape....
    March 2021

  • DIY Cat Toys
    You don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy cat toys. Mollie Shutt shows you how you can make your own cat toy inexpensively, using just a bit of felt and glue and a touch of creativity...
    March 2019

  • DIY Feather Cat Toy
    Mollie shows you how to make your own feather toy easily, inexpensively, and in just a matter of minutes.
    April 2021

  • Great Cat Toys, and they`re free
    The best toys in life are free!
    March 2017

  • How To Make A Sock Kitty
    Learn how to make the cutest sock kitty you have ever seen and its easy! Mollie Shutt shows how anyone can make a darling toy with her step-by-step instructions illustrated with photos . . .
    December 2020

  • * I Love Vinyl Coated Wire Shelving: Part 1
    While other people install wire shelving in closets, a cat breeder can use it to construct kitten gates and window screen protectors.
    June 2022

  • * I Love Vinyl-Coated Wire Shelving: Part 2
    Detailed instructions on how to use inexpensive wire shelving to build a handy kitten pen and a complete indoor/outdoor enclosure.
    June 2022

  • Ikea Cat Bed
    For just about $20 you can give your cat its own miniature bed to lounge upon . . .
    October 2020

  • Inexpensive Cat Toys
    What do you have lying around your house that might make a great toy for your favorite feline?
    January 2021

  • * Kitten Play Pen
    Converting a used baby play pen into a terrific, easy care kitten corral.
    June 2018

  • * Kittens On Carpeting
    How do you raise a litter of kittens from birth to weaning on a carpeted floor?
    March 2017

  • * Making Cat Show Cage Curtains
    Basic Instructions on how to sew (or glue!) your own unique set of cat show cage curtains.
    January 2002

  • Ribbon Collar For Your Kitty
    Need a way to dress up your cat for the holidays? How about creating your own custom holiday ribbon collar? Mollie Shutt shows you how to make a stunning ribbon collar for your cat . . .
    December 2013

  • Water Fountain: Making Your Own
    A home-made water fountain provides an ideal thirst-quencher for your cat - and keeps them dry too!
    December 2018



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