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  • Alphabet of Cat Facts
    From Morris to Garfield, tabby cats are a vital part of American pop culture.
    September 2006

  • Astrology and Your Cat
    Ever wonder what astrological sign your cat is? Your cat may have a personality that is affected by more than its age or breed. Like people, astrology (the position of planets) can play a role in pet's behavior and may indeed affect pet affairs...
    May 2018

  • Biggest Cat Litters
    With the tabloid press obsessing over the "octomom", the woman with six children who gave birth in California to octuplets, bringing her total children to 14, the time seems perfect to talk about large litters in the world of felines.
    April 2009

  • Black Cat and Halloween
    Black cats have been associated with Halloween for centuries and this relationship persists even now in our modern times. Have you ever wondered why?
    October  2017

  • Cat Do Control Humans, Study Finds
    If you've ever wondered who's in control, you or your cat, a new study points to the obvious. It's your cat....
    July 2009

  • Cat Facts
    Hebrew folklore believes that cats came about because Noah was afraid that rats might eat all the food on the ark. He prayed to God for help. God responded by making the lion snort forth a giant sneeze -- and out came a little cat!
    July 2009

  • Cat Facts 2
    The most popular names for female cats in the U.S. are Missy, Misty, Muffin, Patches, Fluffy, Tabitha, Tigger, Pumpkin and Samantha.
    September 2009

  • Cat Facts 3
    The richest cat in the Guinness Book of World Records is a pair of cats who inherited $415,000 in the early '60s. The richest single cat is a white alley cat who inherited $250,000. (Now that will buy a lot of catnip!)
    September 2009

  • Cat Facts 4
    Your cat is probably either a "righty" or a "lefty." Only 40% of cats are ambidextrous while another 60% are either right-pawed or left-pawed.
    October 2009

  • Cat Facts 5
    Each year Americans spend four billion dollars on cat food. That's one billion dollars more than they spend on baby food!
    December 2009

  • Cat FAQs
    Do you think you know a lot about cats? maybe... maybe not.
    February 2001

  • Cat Makes You Happier
    A recent USA Today survey reveals a few of the reasons why owning a cat makes you a happier and healthier human being...
    November 2010

  • Cat Myths and More
    Do cats always land on their feet? More interesting things about cats.
    December 2001

  • Cat Names Based On Color
    Looking for inspiration in choosing your new cat`s name?
    September 2007

  • Cat Owners Are Smarter Than Dog Owners
    A recent study in Great Britain indicates that people who own cats are better educated than those that own dogs!
    November 2018

  • Cat Quotes
    Celebrities share words of wisdom about their feline friends...
    December 2004

  • Cat Registries Worldwide
    This article contains a list and links to websites to help you navigate the various cat registries around the world...
    February 2011

  • Ceylon's Wand-erland
    Chasity Radar is a retired Persian breeder who handcrafts and personalizes the most amazing cat teasers. If you are looking for something special for yourself, or your kitty or to give as an incredible Christmas gift, come take a step into the wand-erful world of Ceylon's Wand-erland.
    November 2015

  • Does It Matter What You Name Your Kitty?
    Does your cat answer to its name when you call? Have you ever welcomed an older cat in the family that was already named, then changed its name? Does it really matter what you name your kitty?
    May 2017

  • First Christmas Kitten
    A feline`s Christmas Story
    December 2010

  • God Created the Cat
    Why did the Great Maker create our feline friends?
    December 2001

  • God`s Present To The Cat
    Why our felines are blessed
    December 2001

  • Gold Teeth For Sebastian
    This black Persian has lots of `bling`!
    September 2006

  • * How To Calculate A Cat's Age In Human Years
    It is a common misconception that one year of a cat's age is equivalent to seven in human years. That is not quite right. Learn how to really calculate a cat's age in human terms ...
    July 2022

  • Masters Of The World
    When the world was created, the gods decided to give the power and responsibility of running it to one creature - the cat.
    March 2003

  • Matching Your Cat To Your Personality
    Cat owners and cat lovers come in all shapes, sizes and personalities... but which breed will suit you best?
    April 2011

  • Mentoring and the Animal Rights Crazies
    While ARists try to ban companion animals, the truth is, we need more good cats, not less. We need more good breeders, not less. And this means we need to find new breeders and mentor them.
    January 2004

  • Most Popular Cat Breeds
    Which are the most popular breeds in the world? Not an easy question to answer. Looking at kitten registration numbers and over-all trends, one is able to come to some conclusions regarding which are the top five most popular pedigreed cat breeds in the world...
    January 2011

  • My Cat`s Jobs
    Personal trainer, psychologist, doctor... your cat is a multi-faceted professional ready to help you with your many needs.
    February 2008

  • Naming Your Cat
    Deciding on a unique name for your special kitty can sometimes be quite a task. Here`s some help!
    February 2002

  • Nine Lives
    Have you ever wondered where the saying, "A cat has nine lives" first came from?
    January 2011

  • Owning A Cat May Prevent Asthma
    New research results suggests that owning a cat may prevent a child from developing asthma.
    June 2008

  • Painted Cats Is A Spoof
    Recently, the internet has been ablaze with emails showing photos of everyday felines apparently `painted` by their owners in a variety of decorative colors and designs.
    February 2007

  • Pebbles
    From major players in `Cats and Dogs` to supporting cast in `Austin Powers` pedigreed cats are gaining recognition as movie stars!
    August 2002

  • Pet Owners Live Longer!
    Okay... Now we KNOW why we should all own a cat or two :-)))
    February 2020

  • Rachel Parker, Watercolor Artist
    Our Christmas "Title Cat" is not a cat but a stunning painting by artist Rachel Parker. A self taught artist, Rachel has been drawing and painting since she was old enough to hold a pencil. Her paintings often feature animals, but especially cats and her favorite breed, Siamese . . .
    December 2013

  • Recipe For Kitties
    When God created kitty cats...He had no recipe?
    October 2016

  • Routine & Enrichment Makes For Healthier Cats
    An Ohio State University study shows that cats become healthier if they have a predictable routine and enriched lifestyle. Learn more!
    May 2019

  • Ten Common Cat Myths
    Do you think you know a lot about cats? There are at least 10 common myths about the average cat that are not true.
    March 2019

  • Ten Ways To Pamper Your Cat
    Are you looking for suggestions to treat the special feline in your life? Here are a few...
    February 2008

  • To The Christmas Cat
    What is the surprise that I see in your eyes?
    December 2003

  • Top Ten Cat Names 2007
    Can you guess the most popular names chosen for male and female cats?
    March 2007

  • Top Ten US Cites with the Healthiest Pets
    Do you live in one of the top 10 cities in the US with the healthiest pets?
    August 2003



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