Inbreeding Coefficients

Articles to help the cat breeder better understand the concept of Inbreeding Coefficients (IC)...

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  • * Backed In To A Corner
    If you have ever felt that you had to breed a queen in heat to a near relative because you had no more suitable stud available, perhaps you are "backed into a corner". Learn how to avoid this common problem.
    January 2021

  • * Breeding Techniques
    Inbreeding, Line Breeding and Outcrossing... do you understand what each is and more importantly which breeding technique you should be using?
    November 2017

  • * Hybrid Vigor
    Whether breeding carnations, cattle or cats, every breeder should understand the meaning and implication of hybrid vigor in their breeding program.
    September 2007

  • * Inbreeding Coefficient: What Is It?
    Do you know what an Inbreeding Coefficient (IC) or Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) really means? What is it exactly? How do you use it in your breeding program? This is the first article in a three-part series that will answer these questions and more...
    January 2012

  • * Inbreeding Coefficients Part 2: Calculate Your Cats ICs
    This is the second article in a three-part series about Inbreeding Coefficients (ICs). In this article we discuss how to determine the ICs for your own breeding program, with emphasis on how to decide how many generations to go back in a pedigree when making your calculations...
    February 2012

  • * Inbreeding Coefficients Part 3: Applying ICs To Your Breeding Program
    This is the third article in a three-part series about Inbreeding Coefficients (ICs). In this article we discuss how to determine the ICs for your cats, and how to use them to help you determine the mating pairs in own breeding program...
    February 2012

  • * Inbreeding For The Cat Breeder
    Do you know what is meant by inbreeding? Do you know the positive aspects of inbreeding cats? The dangers? Should you plan an inbred litter? How do you choose the cat on which to inbreed? Learn the answers to these questions and more...
    February 2013

  • * Inbreeding Of Cats In Nature
    While many animal behaviors in nature have evolved to avoid inbreeding, there are examples in the big cat populations of Africa that shows that inbreeding does frequently take place in the wild cats. What can domestic cat breeders learn from studying these cats?
    January 2022

  • Inbreeding: A Personal Point of View
    A breeder of Japanese Bobtails shares her experience with balanceing inbreeding and outcrossing to benefit her breeding program.
    September 2019



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