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  • Cattery Visit by a Judging Applicant
    What better way for new judges to learn about a breed than with a one on one, relaxed visit in a breeder`s home with the opportunity to handle cats?
    July 2002

  • * Gary Powell and the Red Sky Persians
    ShowCatsOnline.com is honored to be able to share with our members this candid interview with Gary as he discusses his Persian breeding program under the Red Sky cattery prefix.
    February 2001

  • Goodnight Sweet Prince
    Sunday, March 4th, 2001, popular CFA judge Craig Rothermel passed away following a massive heart attack. Read a tribute to his life.
    April 2001

  • Guess Three #1
    Many of our judges have been involved in the cat fancy for decades. They have aged like fine wine. Can you recognize who is whom in an old photo?
    May 2003

  • Guess Three #2
    Can you guess which judges appear in the photos?
    June 2003

  • Guess Three #3
    Once again we invite you to see if you recognize three CFA judges from their photos :-)
    August 2003

  • Guess Three #4
    Guess Again!
    October 2003

  • Guess Three #5
    Can you guess which judges appear in the photos?
    December 2003

  • Guess Three #6
    See if you can guess who the judges in the photos are!
    August 2004

  • Guess Three #7
    See if you can guess who the judges are in the photos!
    October 2005

  • Guess Three #8
    Once more... guess who the judges are in these photos...
    March 2006

  • Hands Off
    Have you ever sat at ringside at a cat show and decided how you would place the cats on display. Most of us have -- but can you really judge a cat without actually handling it?
    March 2016

  • * How We Act At Cat Shows: A Message To The Judges
    It is not only the behavior of exhibitors at the cat shows that has an impact on spectators. Judges too can present a positive or negative impact on the public's perception of the the cat fancy.
    July 2008

  • Judge and Be Judged
    Since our cats have a written standard of perfection, should our cat judges have one too?
    August 2002

  • * Judges Who Mishandle
    Even though it may be rare, mishandling of cats in the show ring must be taken seriously.
    October 2019

  • Ouch
    Pity the kitty whose head is bumped on the opening of the judging cage as the judge or exhibitor removes it.
    January 2020

  • Should Judges Campaign Cats?
    Increasingly, the average exhibitor in CFA is questioning the fairness of competing against cats owned and campaigned by judges
    June 2006

  • Standards From A Judge`s Viewpoint
    TICA judge, Beth Hicks, gives pointers on how to best to write breed standards from a judge`s point of view.
    January 2017

  • Tale of Faults
    Can over-zealous handling of a cat`s tail during judging actually cause a tail fault? You be the judge...
    July 2020

  • Think Backwards
    Retired TICA judge, Beth Hicks, shares a tip for making your cat`s experience in the judging ring more enjoyable.
    December 2007

  • * Time To Show
    Just how long does each judge have to hand and judge your cat? The answer may surprise you.
    July 2003

  • * When The Judge Checks The Breed Standard
    If a cat is on the judging table and the judge pauses to look something up in the breed standard it is a GOOD thing. Learn why . . .
    March 2014



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