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  • BUSTED! What To Do When Animal Control Comes Knocking
    No breeder wants to have Animal Control come knocking on the door... but if they do, it will help if you know what your options are.
    November 2020

  • Disaster Plans To Include Pets
    New legislation will make provisions for the care and safety of pets in the event of another disaster like Hurricane Katrina
    June 2006

  • * Kitten Mill Is A Kitten Mill... or Is It?
    How do we define `kitten mills` and can we legislate against them without impacting upon the cat fancy?
    May 2021

  • Mandatory Neuter/Spay in Rhode Island
    A new law in Rhode Island requires all cats to be neutered or spayed or a breeder fee paid.
    June 2006

  • * Protests Between Cat Breeders
    Understanding what you can and cannot file a protest about and be successful will save you a lot of emotional wear and tear.
    January 2004

  • * Tax Audit: Proving Your Cattery Is A Business
    If you decided to claim your cattery as a business on your tax return, you must be prepared to prove to the taxman that you are indeed breeding cats as a business.
    April 2019

  • * Tax Tips For Cattery Owners
    No one likes doing their taxes . . . but it doesn't have to be so stressful. Here are tips for cattery owners to make things easier at tax time.
    March 2018

  • * Taxes: Can You Claim Your Cattery On Your Personal Tax Return?
    Most small scale breeding catteries are not profitable, but there are tax options that allow you to minimize your losses and take advantage of tax deductions legally afforded to you by the taxman. Learn more.
    February 2018

  • USDA APHIS New Rule 2013
    Effective November 18, 2013, the new rule by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) will change how many hobby cat breeders can sell their pet kittens. Learn how the new regulation may affect you . . .
    October 2013

  • Vet`s Mistake
    Share one breeder`s journey in seeking justice when a vet neuters her show kitten by mistake.
    September 2017

  • Veterinary Fair Disclosure Legislation
    New legislation may require veterinarians to tell the owners of their patients the risk associated with vaccinating their pets.
    January 2005

  • * Your Cat & Your Will: Part 1 - Generalities
    Are your cats protected in the case of your incapacitation or death? Learn how to provide for them should something happen to you.
    August 2021

  • * Your Cat & Your Will: Part 2 - The Details
    Learn the specific details you need to include in your will to protect your cats in case of your death.
    August 2021



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