Pregnancy of the Cat

Articles about the female cat and concerns and issues during a pregnancy

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  • * Average Gestation Period of the Cat
    What IS the average length of pregnancy in a cat? How many kittens does a cat usually have? How long is it from the birth of the first kitten to the birth of the last one? Find the answers to these questions... and more!
    April 2017

  • * Caging Mommy-To-Be
    Pregnant cats should be confined for their own safety and the safety of their newborns.
    March 2017

  • * Calcium for Your Pregnant Queen
    Calcium is an important and vital ingredient in the health of your breeding queen. Lack of calcium can actually lead to a nursing queen`s death. Understanding the role calcium plays will help you give her the best care possible while ensuring her a successful pregnancy.
    May 2015

  • * Cuddle Curl
    Ever good mother cat will exhibit the Cuddle Curl. This behavior is essential to the well-being of her kittens.
    April 2021

  • * Discharge During Pregnancy
    If a pregnant female has a vaginal discharge during her pregnancy, it is a cause for concern, not panic...
    November 2018

  • * Double Pregnancy
    Is it possible for a cat to be bred, become pregnant, then be bred again during her pregnancy and conceive again?
    August 2019

  • * False Pregnancy
    Thinking your cat is pregnant only to discover she is instead experiencing a false pregnancy is disappointing, but not necessarily a tragedy.
    December 2016

  • * I Don`t Do Windows (Mom-Cat Won't Lick Her Kittens' Bottoms)
    Occasionally, the new mother cat will not lick her kittens' bottoms — a behavior needed to stimulate her kittens to urinate and defecate, and a necessary duty to keep the birthing box clean. Learn how you can teach the new mother to perform this "chore" for her babies . . .
    February 2017

  • * Instinct Chain of Motherhood
    Are you interfering with the natural mothering instincts of your queen? Emma Hjälmås of CyberCats Persians shares her thoughts about how much or how little you should be helping your queen when she is delivering her kittens.
    May 2015

  • * Is My Queen Pregnant?
    There are several different methods of determining whether a cat is pregnant depending on how long it has been since she was bred. Learn the best and most accurate ways to tell if your queen is expecting kittens . . .
    September 2021

  • * Morning Sickness
    Just like human mothers-to-be, cats can experience bouts of morning sickness when they are pregnant. Learn what you can do to help settle the stomach of the expectant queen...
    October 2017

  • * Ninth Week
    Do you know what you should be doing in your cat`s ninth week of pregnancy?
    February 2018

  • * Nutrition For The Pregnant Cat
    Providing the best nutrition for your pregnant cat will ensure that her kittens get the best start to life possible.
    March 2019

  • * One Pregnancy: Two Litters
    In rare instances, a pregnant cat can come into season, be bred, and conceive a second litter while still carrying the first. Learn more about this unusal phenonenom called superfetation . . .
    May 2018

  • * Palpating For Kittens
    Learn how to palpate your queen to confirm pregnancy and count kittens. This is a useful skill for the modern cat breeder to develop!
    October 2020

  • * Pinking Up
    The first clear indication of a cat`s pregnancy is the phenomenon known as `pinking up`
    October 2019

  • * Post-Delivery Queen
    Knowing what is `normal` behavior in a female cat following the delivery of her kittens is important in determining whether or not to intervene in her care of her newborn litter...
    June 2019

  • * Pregnancy & Delivery Record Keeping
    Good record keeping is an essential for the smart cat breeder. In particular, keeping detailed records of each female cat's past pregnancies and deliveries enables you to evaluate whether things are progressing typically for that particular girl in her current pregnancy. This article details the things you need to track.
    March 2017

  • * Pregnancy Schedule Of A Cat
    This article discusses what happens to a cat's body when she is pregnant. Included is a chart showing the progress of the pregnancy from the first day of breeding until the date the queen gives birth to her kittens.
    January 2013

  • * Pregnant With Ringworm
    It is always upsetting to discover ringworm on any cat in a cattery situation - but it is especially distressing if the cat in question is pregnant. What do you do next? While you should not give the mom-to-be any oral anti-fungal medications, you do have other options to treat both her and her babies....
    April 2021

  • * Prenatal Care of The Pregnant Cat
    Before breeding your female queen, know the steps you should take to help her answer the extra demands a pregnancy and deliver a healthy litter.
    May 2019

  • * Reabsorbed Kittens
    If a cat pinks up at three weeks, has her pregnancy confirmed by palpation or x-ray, arrives at her due date but has no babies inside her, it is likely that she has reabsorbed her kittens.
    March 2020

  • * Red Raspberry Leaf
    Red Raspberry Leaf has been known and used for many years by cat breeders and pregnant women to help to give birth.
    April 2017

  • * Red Raspberry Leaves & Marshmallow Root
    These two simple herbs can be used to supplement your pregnant queen`s diet to help her have an easier delivery and produce more milk.
    April 2005

  • * Safe Drugs For Pregnant Cats
    Do you know which medications are safe to give to your pregnant cat? And which drugs may pose a potential harm to her kittens?
    May 2019

  • Uterine Torsion
    The twisting of your pregnant queen`s uterus can threaten both her life and the lives of her kittens. Recognizing the symptoms is an important part of any breeder`s rolodex of knowledge.
    August 2021

  • * Uterine Torsion Medical Case Histories
    This article describes the medical histories of three female cats. Each cat developed a twist in her uterus — although with quite different outcomes . . .
    October 2013

  • * Vaccinating Pregnant or Breeding Queens
    Nursing kittens obtain their initial immunity from their mothers. The knowledgeable cat breeder needs to know the optimal time to vaccinate each breeding queen so that she has a strong immunity to give to her babies.
    January 2017

  • * X-ray Your Pregnant Cat To Count Kittens
    There are several advantages to knowing exactly how many kittens your pregnant cat is expecting. Learn how to count kittens on an x-ray...
    February 2022

  • * X-rays Of A Pregnant Cat: Two Views Are Better Than One
    X-raying your pregnant female is an excellent way to know how many kittens the queen is expecting. Knowing the number of kittens to expect will increase the chances of a successful delivery. In this article, we look at why two x-rays taken with the cat in different positions can help you accurately count the kittens . . .
    February 2022



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