Record Keeping

Keeping good records is essential for the cat breeder. The articles below will help you tackle the paperwork necessary for your cattery's success.

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  • * Hanging Paper
    In the cat fancy, `hanging paper` refers to the falsifying of a cat`s pedigree.
    January 2008

  • * Microchipping Your Cat
    Microchipping is a permanent, safe and affordable way of ensuring that your cats are individually identified.
    April 2017

  • * Pedigree Programs
    Before you decide to invest in a pedigree program, you will benefit by looking at a comparison of the various software brands that are available...
    April 2004

  • * Pedigree Programs: Part Two
    In Part Two of Pedigree Programs we look at software programs which not only deal with pedigree information, but also include features to help you in your cattery management needs.
    April 2004

  • * Record Keeping During The Campaign
    Get organized! Keeping a record of your cat`s show results will help you campaign better. See why.
    November 2003

  • * Record Keeping For The Cat Breeder
    Record keeping is one of those `things` all breeders need to keep. Good record keeping is one of the signs of a good breeder.
    April 2019



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