I Resolve To Be A Better Cat Show Exhibitor

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This is the time of year that I traditionally make my New Year's Resolutions.

Each year, I make resolutions with the best of intentions.

Some I keep. Some I don't.

For instance, while every year I always resolve to lose weight, I never actually do. So this year, I resolve not to try to lose any weight at all :-)))

Instead, in the spirit of making every minute count and enjoying life to the fullest, this year, I resolve to be a better cat show exhibitor.

With this goal in mind, I spent some time the past few days thinking of specific things, some practical and some philosophical, that I could do to make this resolve come true . . .

And I would like to share my resolutions with you . . .

  • Win or lose, I WILL have fun.
    It may be easier to have fun when I am winning, but it says better things about my character when I can have fun even when my cat is losing.
  • I will congratulate the winners of my class, division and breed.
    It's called being a good sport!
  • I will love and value my cat regardless of its success in the show ring.
    I realize that whether my cat wins a rosette or doesn't win a rosette, the cat's quality and personality remain the same. Win or lose, I love him!
  • I will arrive to my rings on first call.
    I may need my friends to help me listen for my number, but after all, what are friends for?
  • I will always practice good sportsmanship.
    And I hope I recognize what being a good sport is all about.
  • I will help out wherever and whenever help is needed.
    And I won't just wait to be asked for help, I will actively look around and see where I can pitch in.
  • I will keep a clean and tidy benching area.
    After the show I will leave my benching area spotless.
  • I will introduce myself to the exhibitors in my benching area. Unless of course I already know them - then I will just say hi and see if they brought any snacks with them.
  • I will accept the judge's decision gracefully.
    Even when I may not agree with them.
  • I will cheerfully answer any question from visitors to the show...
    Even when I hear for the 40th time that their cat at home looks just like my National Winner :-)
  • I will know that what is true for me as a fancier, may not be true for all fanciers
    - especially for people who are involved in breeds other than mine.
  • I will understand that this is a hobby . . . it is not my entire life . . . I will maintain some perspective and I will behave accordingly.
  • I will always put the welfare of my cat and my fellow exhibitors cats ahead of my own show ambitions.
    It is important to me to not let my ego overwhelm my integrity.
  • I will not gossip about my fellow exhibitors, judges or breeders.
    I will not listen to gossip about other people. I know that people who gossip seldom get all the details absolutely correct . . . and the truth is in the details.
  • I will mentor at least one new breeder this year.
    I want to help the cat fancy grow by encouraging the next generation. It will be a part of my legacy.
  • I will always take the time to welcome and speak to the household pet exhibitor.
    I know they love to tell their kitty's story, so I will listen and appreciate the love they have for their pet.
  • I will accept that people may have different opinions about a subject, and still be good people.
    We are all allowed to view things differently.
  • I will never show a cat who I even suspect may be sick.
    I will not show a cat if I have had a sick cat in my home within 30 days.
  • I will read and understand the current show rules.
    I will carry a copy of the show rules with me to the show.
  • If I am showing a male cat, I will carry an ozone spray to eliminate any odor he may leave behind in his litter box.
    Phew! And I will gladly lend my spray bottle to any owner of an unneutered male who has forgotten theirs :-)
  • I will leave my hotel room spotless.
    The housekeeping staff will never know that I had a cat with me.
  • I will support and encourage Junior Showmanship.
    It is from the ranks of these classes, that our next generation of cat fanciers will grow.

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