The First Christmas Kitten

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There is no specific scripture confirming the presence of any animals in the stable where Christ was born.

It is logic and legend that places the animals there. A sheep, a donkey, an ox, a shepherd dog. And one more.

Among the animal inhabitants of and visitors to that stable that night was a kitten: a little striped kitty cat who sat shyly in a corner.

The Christ Child was fascinated by the animals as they moved about ---some peering into his manger crib.

He smiled on them but was otherwise restive.

Though wrapped in cloth, the infant found the straw bedding less than comfortable.

Nor could Mary's lullabies induce sleep.

It was then that the tiny tiger cat crept from its dusty corner and began to lick itself clean.

She washed herself meticulously from the tip of her tail to the pink of her nose.

And when she was immaculate the tiny kitten jumped lightly into the manger and curled up beside the Babe.

The Kitten then began to purr softly the lullaby that every mother cat purrs to her kittens — and before you knew it the infant was sound asleep.

And from that day to this, you will notice, every tabby cat that ever was and every tabby cat that will ever be -- carries the mark of a grateful Madonna — an "M" in the middle of its forehead.

The Animal Rescue League of the Palm Beaches in Florida
first published this legend more than 20 years ago.
Perhaps it is a story that has been handed down for more that 2000 years . . .

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