A Kitten For Christmas - Another Option

The price of a pedigreed kitten is not insignificant in these days of economic belt-tightening. Many kitty-clients like to use the "excuse" of spending a lot of money on Christmas gifts to cover the expense of purchasing the kitten they have always wanted but hesitated to purchase because of the expense.

So many breeders will get phone calls and emails looking for a perfect kitten at this time of year.

And of course, there is an undeniable allure in the thought of giving or receiving a fabulous kitten as a Christmas present... but it can certainly present some problems too.

The article A Kitten For Christmas outlined a few of the concerns many breeders feel are associated with placing a kitten into a new home at Christmas time.

One of the most important things to remember is that the "impulse buyers" who call shortly before Christmas must unfortunately be refused. The situation is simply too high risk.

But how does a breeder fulfill a reputable buyer's dream for a Christmas kitten while still protecting the kitten's best interests?

Of course, if the kitten is going to a former client, or to people you feel you have thoroughly gotten to know through phone calls and emails prior to December, it is easy to make an exception and let the kitten go at Christmas-time if the situation is appropriate.

But for most people, allowing them to bring a new kitten home at Christmas is a recipe for disaster...

But wait... There is a way the breeder can allow a person to give a kitten for Christmas while still guaranteeing the well-being of the "baby" over the holidays.

  • First, take a photo of the kitten. You can even put a red ribbon around its neck, or pose it in front of your Christmas tree. Perhaps when you are wrapping presents you can add the kitten into the paper and ribbons and take a picture of it playing with the decorations. Just use a little imagination and the photo will be irresistible.
  • Next, email the photo to the buyer or print out a photo and pop it into the mail.
  • The "giver" can then present the "giftee" with a wrapped present containing the framed photo of the kitten. Imagine the excitement as the kitten's photo is passed around the family and everyone admires their future new family member-to-be.
  • Once the tree is taken down, the poinsettias have died, all of the potentially dangerous decorations have been packed away, and the house guests have departed - then, the kitten can go to its new home.

By the time they receive their kitten, everyone is ready to make the kitten's transition into the family as safe, easy and smooth as possible. And they have the added joy of having had a time of anticipation while eagerly awaiting the baby's arrival. It's a win for the kitten... and a win for the persons giving and receiving the most special of presents - a furry bundle of purr...

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