DIY Feather Cat Toy

BY MOLLIE SHUTT, The House of Meow

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I'm all about easy cat toys.

Here is a super quick one I put together in a matter of minutes.


All the supplies you need are available inexpensively at any craft store.

  • Cord
  • Feathers
  • Bead
  • Glue Gun

(1) Gather Your Supplies Together.

A feline assistant is optional . . .

(2) Cut a 3 foot length of cord. 

(3) String a bead and jingle bell on the cord.

(4) Tie a knot in one end of the cord. This prevents anything from accidentally sliding off.

(5) On the other end, put a blob of glue. Have the bead nearby.

(6) Slide bead over glue and slide feathers into bead.

(7) Check to be sure glue is holding the feathers and bead in place.

(8) You are done!

(9) Optional: Attach the end of the cord to a stick or dowel if you have one handy.

About The Author

Mollie Shutt started her blog, The House of Meow, to chronicle the adventures of her British Shorthair and her adopted shelter cat. Her blog has also become a place for information about being a cat show newbie as well as do it yourself cat projects.

Outside of cats, Mollie is an accomplished bassoonist and avid cyclist. After working full time for many years in online community management and website administration, she opted to take a new job as a full time mom and cat servant.

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