How To Take Your Cat For A Walk
BY MOLLIE SHUTT, The House of Meow

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Do you dream of long walks on the beach with your furry feline?

Well, keep on dreaming. You can, however, take your cat for a stroll around your front yard.

Correction. Your cat may take YOU for a stroll around your front yard.

So, how DO you take your cat for a walk?


Dress your cat for the special occasion by adorning cat in a well fitting harness. Do this BEFORE you even think of setting foot and paw outside of your home (cat palace).

Note: If you ever want to see your kitty again, the harness needs to be properly fitted. We all know that cats are notorious escape artists. This is an area of no exception.


With a firm hold on the leash, open the door. Or if you aren't up for a mad dash, or conversely, your cat playing dead and getting squashed by the door, pick up said cat and open the door. Sampson actually walks out with relative dignity.


Begin your walk into the great unknown. This walk may take many forms. If your cat was freshly bathed such as Sampson, you may experience rebuttal rolling. He likes to be "at one with nature".


Let your cat take the lead. Be sure not to pull too hard on the leash, or you will surely hear about it.


Be patient, soon you will get into the walking groove.


But sometimes, you will need to stop and take a break.


Watch out for leash paralysis which renders kitty useless. It may occur at any time, without warning.


But soon enough, you'll be back in business.


Don't be discouraged by a look from kitty that seems to say, "stupid human". These are built into feline DNA and are unavoidable.


Take time to smell the roses . . . or weeds, or grass, or dog poop.

And most of all, enjoy your time with your cat!


About The Author

Mollie Shutt started her blog, The House of Meow, to chronicle the adventures of her British Shorthair and her adopted shelter cat. Her blog has also become a place for information about being a cat show newbie as well as do it yourself cat projects.

Outside of cats, Mollie is an accomplished bassoonist and avid cyclist. After working full time for many years in online community management and website administration, she opted to take a new job as a full time mom and cat servant.

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