GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin
Published May 2016

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A stunning British Shorthair male named GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin is CFA's 2015-2016 Best Cat in Championship in the International Division, Other.

This is his story . . .

GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin
CFA's Best Cat in Championship 2015-2016 in the International Division, Other
Photo by Amy works

My name is Yingluck Wongrattanapong (Pookie) and my husband is Issariya Rattanaweerawong (Istzy).

We live in Bangkok, Thailand. Our cattery name is Sri-Sawasdee ( ศรีสวัสดี ). In Thai, Sri means honor and Sawasdee means hello, a greeting. Our Facebook pages are at https://www.facebook.com/pookie.allround (Pookie) and  https://www.facebook.com/istzyman.rattanaweerawong?fref=ts (Istzy).

We have been breeding Korats, Thailand's native breed, since 2001. We showed our Korats in Thailand at the local annual show and won the Queen's trophy five years in a row. We decided to show in the CFA but soon realized that the breed standard for the Korat in CFA was somewhat different than that of the original Thai bloodline. We still show our Korats in our traditional Thai shows but no longer in CFA.

A New Love

GC, BW, NW Atzelhof’s Crazy'Bout the Blues of TrueBrit

In 2010 we first saw photos of the British Shorthair on the internet and totally fell in love with the breed.

To us, they look amazing; huge faces with big cheeks — and because blue is my favorite color we really were particularly drawn to the breed.

We began researching the breed to find a breeder from whom to purchase a kitten..

While looking through the 2011 CFA Yearbook, we discovered the Atzelhof Cattery in Germany, owned by Michael and Brigitte Schleissner.

Their blue male, GC, BW, NW Atzelhof’s Crazy'Bout the Blues of TrueBrit was CFA's Breed Winner and 12th Best Cat in Championship in 2011.

We immediately knew that this was the kind of Brit that we had been looking for. . .

Fortunately for us, Atzelhof’s owner, Michael Schleissner, came to judge a show in Chiangmai, Thailand.

We met with Michael and had an opportunity to visit and chat. When we asked if we could buy an Atzelhof Brit he kindly agreed — but he had no kittens at the time so we would have to wait until one was available.

During this time we became good friends . . .

A Baby Blue Boy Is Born

In late February of 2013, a very special British Shorthair kitten was born at the Atzelhof cattery in Germany.

The little blue boy was from a royal pedigree.

The kitten's father was GC, DW Atzelhof's Blaeuling.

Blaueling was CFA's 18th Best Kitten International Division in 2011-2012.

Blaeuling's father was GC, RW Ravenwing Positively Orestes of TrueBrit (CFA's 3rd Best of Breed in 2005).

Blaeuling's mother was GC, DW Atzelhof's Winnie-The-Blue who was Best Cat International Division 2004-2005, 2nd Best of Breed 2004-2005 and 2nd Best Kitten International Division in 2003-2004.

GC, DW Atzelhof's Blaeuling

The kitten's mother was GC Atzelhof's White Christmas.

Christmas was a two-show grand champion, which is quite an accomplishment for a white British Shorthair female. Christmas was actually entered in her first show to help increase the count for a blue girl that only needed a few points to Grand. Christmas made an unexpected 188 Grand points and the blue girl got her last needed 3 points in the final ring of the show.

Christmas's father is GC Oz Creek Lea-H-nder of Atzelhof (the firstborn son of GC, BW, NW TrueBrit St Louis Blues).

Christmas's mother is GC TrueBrit Schneewittchen of Atzelhof.

GC Atzelhof's White Christmas

With such an impressive pedigree, much was expected of the little blue baby.

Michael said this was the kitten for us. We named him Blue Berlin in honor of his country of birth . . .

Berlin Goes to Thailand

I traveled to Germany to bring Atzelhof's Blue Berlin back to Thailand when he was four and half months old. The first time he saw me he kept running away. It was as if he knew he was going to be making a long trip back to Thailand. He was a bit of an ugly duckling as a kitten but for me it was love at first sight. Fortunately he really did turn into a beautiful swan.

Berlin was raised with great care in my bedroom — and naturally my bed became his bed. He likes to take up half of the bed when he sleeps next to me and he always wants contact with some part of my body. He became a true part of our family.

Istzy, Berlin as a kitten & Pookie

The view is better up here . . .

Snooze Time

Berlin's First Show Season 2013-2014

Michael advised me not to show Berlin too early as he would need time to mature — but I couldn't wait. Berlin was only eight months and three days old when I entered him in his first show of the 2013-2014 season.

Berlin at his first cat show at barely 8 months old

Berlin is a one-show Grand!

On that day he earned enough points to be a Grand Champion before even earning his 4 winners ribbons to become a Champion. I was so proud of his performance on that day.

By the end of his first show season, Berlin was a Division Winner (DW) in Thailand. Our boy was a swan!

GC, DW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin as a young adult
Photo by Chanan

A Born Show Cat

Berlin was born to be a show cat. He enjoyed traveling, taking all the changes in stride. He is always happy and well behaved around the judges. He enjoys playing with the toys and he particularly loves to attack the scratching posts on the judging table.

Berlin LOVES the scratching posts!

Grand Champion of Distinction 2014-2015

At the start of the 2014 show season, CFA introduced the new title 'Grand Champion of Distinction' (GCD). In order to achieve this title, Berlin would need to be shown for three show seasons. He already had one season under his belt. Istzy and I believed he was good enough to earn the GCD title so we made this our next goal, not realizing it would take over our lives for the next two years.

In the 2014-2015 season he achieved a DW in Thailand for the second time.

The International Team Plans A Campaign

By the start of the 2015-2016 show season, Berlin had matured into a truly impressive boy. His coat was a lovely pale blue and was so plush that your hand would sink into it when you petted him. His head was massive with a body to match. He was a British Shorthair male entering his prime.

Photo by Amy works

This would be the third show season he needed to qualify for his GCD title. Michael, however, had bigger ideas. He told me he thought Berlin had the potential to be a National Winner in CFA. I wasn't sure if this was possible, especially as I lived in Thailand . . . but I had faith in Michael's judgment. Istzy and I decided to go for it. Berlin deserved to add the treasured NW title to his name.

When I attended the CFA Annual Awards Banquet in Toronto, Canada in June 2015,  Michael introduced me to the team he had assembled that would all be involved in Berlin's national campaign..

Plans were made for Berlin to compete in the biggest cat shows in Asia, Europe and the United States.

Istzy and I would show Berlin in Asia, Michael and Brigitte Schleissner would oversee the European shows, and in the United States, Jo and Colin Cornwall of TrueBrit British Shorthairs, would take the lead with Kathleen Lawton of Beansidhe's British Shorthairs, Sue Weitendorf of Timberpaws, Craig Thoele of Chaldee and Teddy Cohen of Taylor Baron all taking on a role.

Around The World In 80 Meows

And so our adventure began . . .

Berlin's national campaign started in Bankok at the Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand at the end of July, 2015 where he was Best of the Best. After his next show in Indonesia, Berlin and Istzy traveled to the United States where he met Jo at a show in Atlanta, Georgia — after which they traveled to the Cornwall home in Illinois.

Jo, Colin and Istzy next showed Berlin at the big National Capital show in Virginia. Berlin was making all the finals against the top campaigning cats in CFA. Berlin's campaign was right on track. Istzy returned to Bangkok, leaving Berlin with Jo and Colin to continue the campaign.

Jo and Colin showed Berlin with great success at shows in Colorado and Ohio in the US and then flew with him to Europe to stay with Michael and Brigitte in Germany.

Michael, Brigitte, Jo and Colin showed Berlin in Germany and France where again he was at the top in the finals. Spectators, exhibitors and judges were all captivated by the chunky blue BSH.

Jo and Colin flew back with him to the CFA International Cat Show where he was joyfully reunited with Pookie and Istzy who flew 24 hours from Thailand to be with their blue boy.

Berlin & Pookie with his rosettes at the World Show

Berlin just chilling out in his benching area at the CFA World Show

After another wonderful show (He was 2nd Best Cat in Championship in the Purple show to the eventual Best of the Best winning Manx), Berlin returned to Thailand with Pookie and Istzy. Berlin completed his campaign with shows in Thailand, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia and China.

In total, Berlin's campaign consisted of just 20 shows, in 8 different countries, on 3 different continents. With the amazing support of this incredible team of British Shorthair breeders, Berlin had a truly international campaign.

The Blue Berlin (From left to right)
Shelton Cole, Craig Thoele, Barbra Cole, Pookie, Istzy, Colin Cornwall, Michael Schleissner, Sue Weitendorf & Jo Cornwall

One For All, All For One

By the end of the season Berlin achieved everything we set out to do. He became a GCD, an NW and a DW for the third time in Thailand. This was so much more than I ever expected when I first saw him as a kitten in Germany.

Who would believe that one cat could lead me to travel around the world, see and experience new cultures and make so many new friends. Thank you to my wonderful British shorthair team without whom all this would not have been possible. We are more than friends, we are the Blue Berlin family.


Berlin's achievement is for all of us . . .


More photos from the show career of

GCD, NW Atzelhof's Blue Berlin

Blue British Shorthair Male

CFA's Best Cat in Championship 2015-2016 International Division, Other

Born February 26, 2013
Sire:  GC, DW Atzelhof's Blaeuling
Dam:  GC Atzelhof's White Christmas
Breeders: Michael and Brigitte Schleissner
Owners: Colin Cornwall, Jo Cornwall, Teddy Cohen, Yinluck-Issariya

Photo by Amy works

Photo by Amy works

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by L. Johnson

Berlin with rosettes and the Union Jack!

Colin, Istzy, Berlin & Jo

Pookie, Brigitte Schleissner, Berlin, Michael Schleissner, Istzy

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