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Published August 2013

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The first time I saw the picture of the big eared, funny looking kitten, my husband and I joked around about how cute he was. Alex Chisholm, Zeus’ breeder, had talked to me about this boy kitten. He was from three Abyssinian outcrossed lines and would be a good addition to my Ocicat program. Little did I know that he would change our view of cats entirely.

When we picked him up, it was the weekend of my oldest son’s birthday and a few days before mine. We were staying with friends, also in the cat fancy, who allowed us to stay with our new addition. He was so funny though — already confident, already trying to run out of the door to be with people. When we got him home, he immediately took over our home with his crazy antics.

A Real Character

Have you ever seen a cat swing on a chandelier? We have — and we have pictures to prove it! He did it as a small kitten, and again recently as an almost 1.5 year old male! He opens cupboards just to pull everything out of them. He loves anything remotely related to bread; he once ate the tops off of some muffins that we had just purchased (we can’t have had them for more than 15 minutes!) As a young kitten, he would nurse — on himself! Yes, we have videos!

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Head study of IW SGC Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder

He also is a terrible door-runner. He is our only cat who will charge from all across the room in order to try and bolt out of the door. We’ve tried various techniques to discourage this behavior, but have been unsuccessful. In order to keep him safe, we purchased a large pen from C,D, and E in which he resides in the daytime. At night, once all of the kids and grown-ups are in for the night, he is allowed out to freely roam.

While he loves all of his people, his very favorite is our son Noah. Noah can carry him in ways that would cause anyone else to get smacked! When Zeus is out at night, Noah brings his blanket out and Zeus will follow him around until Noah sits down, and then Zeus will curl up with Noah. He’s the only one with whom he does this.

In The Show Hall

We started showing Zeus on the day he turned four months old. It was at the NW Regional in Seattle, and he did remarkably well for a very young kitten against a large field of VERY nice kittens.  He was confident and secure right away; he was playful and fun from day one! He made a habit out of always knocking his numbers as well as the breed and color awards down. It became so common that people would remark, “Oh, that’s the kitten that always knocks his numbers down.”

Pretty soon, Zeus was doing really well . . . period. He was even Best Kitten in Show a number of times! I remember one show in which his breeder stated, “I think I’ll be taking you back home!”

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

My First Campaign

I had never campaigned a cat before; I never had a cat that loved to show so much that was also such an outstanding example of the breed. Pretty soon, my friend Gloria Mahan would take Zeus to shows that I couldn’t attend (as I work and have four young children.) She and I would travel to many places together, and she really encouraged me to take him as far as he could go.

Alex was also instrumental in encouraging me and helping me to show him when I was unable to. Without their help, encouragement, and support, I’m not sure that we would’ve attempted this venture!

A Double IW

This year, Zeus earned his IW — twice. He is an international winner as a kitten — 21st Best Kitten — and as an adult — 24th best SH cat. To earn two IW’s in one season is incredible, as anyone who has ever attempted to campaign a cat will tell you! While he did show as a kitten from the very first day he could’ve, his adult career was only 5 months long. However, a cat as incredible in both type and personality as Zeus certainly deserves it — not that I’m biased. ;-)

Nowadays, when Zeus is in the ring, people no longer say, “Look at that cat. He’s the one that always knocks his numbers down.” Now they say, “There’s Zeus — he’s such a crazy cat. I wonder what shenanigans he’ll pull today?” I always want to say, “You and me both.”

Zeus is an incredible boy, and we are proud and honored to have him as both a part of our Ocicat program as well as a revered (and trouble making!) member of our family.

IW SGC Chisholmtrail Zeus of Dreamfinder

Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Ocicat Male

TICA's 21st Best Kitten 2012-2013
TICA's 24th Best Cat 2012-2013

Born: 3/21/12
Sire: RW DGC Chisholmtrail Moon Power
Dam: Chisholmtrail Blues Singer
Breeder: Alexandra/Jesse Chisholm
Owner: Debbie Prince

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

Photo by Diana Starr, Starrlight Photography

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