GC, NW Kitties Land Main Event,

CFA's Kitten of the Year 2015

GC, NW Coupari Dustin,
CFA's 2nd Best Kitten 2015

Published June 2015

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2014-2015 was a spectacular year for Allen Shi and his Kitties Land cattery. Allen's British Shorthair, GC, NW Kitties Land Maine Event, was CFA's Kitten of the Year 2015 and his Scottish Fold, GC, NW Coupari Dustin was Second Best Kitten.  This is their story . . .

GC, NW Coupari Dustin, CFA 2nd Best Kitten 2015 and GC, NW Kitties Land Maine Event, CFA's Kitten of the Year 2015
Photo by Chanan

Allen Shi lives in Shanghai, China with his wife, Charlene Jin, and their three-year-old daughter, Fay.  Allen began breeding under the Kitties Land cattery name in 2009.

Allen's wife, Charlene Jin, their daughter, Fay, and Allen Shi

Allen's grandmother was a great cat lover and she gave Allen his first pet kitten in 1987 when he was just six years old.  It was the beginning of his passion for felines.  Allen's first pedigreed cats were two old -fashioned type Siamese.  In 2005 he went to his first cat show.  There he was fascinated by a breed he had never seen before—a Scottish Fold. He stared at the cat that looked like it had no ears and he just had to smile.  It was so funny . . . and charming.  Allen was smitten.  After the show, he went on his computer and began searching for images of Scottish Folds.

In 2011, he visited the website of Coupari Scottish Folds of Melody Mathis in Arkansas, USA.  Melody was showing a blue tabby and white shorthair Fold named Coupari Nermal.  He had everything Allen wanted in a Scottish Fold.  Allen contacted Melody, told her he loved the boy and was interested in purchasing him.  Melody turned him down.  She was keeping Nermal . . . but if Allen was willing to wait, she would be repeating the litter in the future, and he could have pick kitten from it.

GC, NW, BW Coupari Nermal, CFA's 16th Best Kitten 2011-2012 and Best Scottish Fold
Photo by Audra Mitchell

Allen decided to wait.  Melody campaigned her boy to a national win.  GC, NW, BW Coupari Nermal was CFA's 16th Best Kitten and Best Scottish Fold for 2011-2012.

In the meantime, Allen began to look for a British Shorthair to import to China.  Brits are an allowed outcross for the Scottish Fold, so it was a natural fit for his breeding program.  He quickly found himself falling in love with the British Shorthairs for their own sake—especially the classic blues.

Lyndsey Kay Banfield
of Cromwell British Shorthairs
The Brits


Allen contacted Jeanette Philip of Britz British Shorthairs.  Jeanette introduced him to Lyndsey Kay Banfield of Cromwell British Shorthairs in Australia.

The Cromwell Brits were particularly known for incredibly dense coat texture and distinctive British conformation,  beautiful round copper eyes and terrific temperament.

In April of 2012, Allen imported two stunning blue kitties from Lyndsey—a boy named Cromwell Benjamins Dream and a female named Cromwell Me Oh My.

GC Cromwell Me Oh My of Kitties Land was an easy one show grand.

Allen began showing Dream at 7 months and the kitten earned several Best Kitten rosettes.  When the kitten turned 8 months he was also a one show Grand and Allen decided to campaign him in Championship.

GC, DW Cromwell Benjamins Dream of Kitties Land was 4th Best Cat in the International Division and 3rd Best British Shorthair in CFA 2012-13.

(left) GC, DW Cromwell Benjamins Dream of Kitties Land & (right) GC Cromwell Me Oh My of Kitties Land, DM

Dream had excellent body structure and a sweet expression.  Me Oh My's coat was extremely dense and her big round deep copper eyes were mesmerizing.  Allen decided to breed them together—and the resulting litter of five blue kittens was very exciting.  Three of the kittens became Grand Champions.  The pick kitten was a solid blue female.  Allen campaigned her as a kitten.

GC, NW Kitties Land Dream A Blue Doll of Chelsea Rose was CFA's 7th Best Kitten in 2013-2014, as well as Kitties Land's first national winner and China's first British Shorthair national winner.

GC, NW Kitties Land Dream A Blue Doll of Chelsea Rose
CFA's 7th Best Kitten in 2013-14
Photo by Chanan

A Main Event

Early in 2014, Allen repeated the breeding that produced GC, NW Kitties Land Dream A Blue Doll of Chelsea Rose.

Like many breeders, Allen sat up all night with his expectant cat.  Early in the morning of May 5th, 2014, Me Oh My began her labor.  The first kitten was born.  Then another.  As Allen cradled the third newborn in his hand, rubbing it with a towel to dry its coat of the amniotic fluids, he paused in amazement.  Although only a few minutes old there was something special about this kitten.  The little female had a very big round head and muzzle with a perfect profile.  Could she be the perfect British Shorthair Allen had been dreaming about?  Perhaps.  The potential was definitely there . . . but it was too early to tell.  He would need to wait and see how she developed.

By the time the kitten was three months old, Allen's hopes were confirmed.  The little kitten that had so impressed him at her birth was definitely pick of the litter.  Her body structure, coat, head type, ear set, eye color and shape, profile and muzzle were everything he could have hoped for.  She was simply amazing.

Now he needed a special name for the kitten . . . something unusual but meaningful.

Waliyy Dixon is an American basketball player, better known by his streetball nickname "Main Event".  Waliyy is Allen's favorite basketball player.  On the court "Main Event" is smart, powerful, a leader—the best.  Allen hoped his kitten would be the same way at the cat shows.  He named her Kitties Land Main Event in honor of Waliyy Dixon.  Allen would call her "M.E." for short.

Baby M.E.

M.E. was not only beautiful, but she had quite a personality too.  At home, every night she jumped on to Allen's daughter's bed to play.  The two young girls, one human and one feline, would romp and wrestle together.  It was impossible to tell which girl was enjoying it more.

Fay and her favorite "plush toy"

M.E. has an adorable personality—one second she's a little lady, the next second she's a dancing queen!

When M.E was barely 4 months old, she attended her first cat show in Shenyang, China.  British Shorthairs are a popular breed at cat shows in China and this show was no exception.  There were more than 20 blue Brit kittens in competition.  Five of them were 6-7month old males—kittens that were bigger, more mature, almost adults.  The competition was fierce . . . but M.E. held her own against the boys.  She made all the finals including being chosen Best Kitten five times!  It was the start of an incredible kitten career for M.E.  Before she was done she would earn many more Best Kitten rosettes and be Best Kitten in Show a total of ten times.

Dustin, the Longhair Scottish Fold

M.E. wasn't the only kitten that Allen would be showing during her campaign.

After waiting for almost three years, in April of 2014, Melody Mathis of Coupari Scottish Folds finally wrote Allen to tell him that Nermal's mother, GC Coupari Dottie Pepp'ear, DM, had a new litter of Scottish Fold kittens—and Allen could have his pick.

GC Coupari Dottie Pepp'ear, DM
Photo by Chanan

The photos Melody emailed to Allen revealed a beautiful litter.  A cream tabby and white longhair boy immediately caught Allen's eye.  The kitten had a sweet expression with perfectly folded ears and long, distinctive ear tufts that were almost too pretty for a boy.

Traveling from Shanghai to Little Rock, Arkansas, USA, Allen flew over 20 hours and transferred planes three times to pick up the Scottish Fold kitten named Coupari Dustin.

Allen, Melody and Dustin in Arkansas. Go Razorbacks!
Coupari Dustin has a sweet expression and impressive ear tufts!

Flying back to Shanghai, when Allen went through airport security with Dustin, the officer looked at the kitten and exclaimed, "That cat has no ears!".  Allen was amused.  It was a comment he would hear over and over in the months ahead—at the airports, at the cat shows, at the hotels. People were fascinated by Dustin's "no ears" look.

Dustin joined M.E. and Allen at the shows and started finaling consistently.  Dustin's wins were especially impressive considering the longhair version of the Scottish Fold is not noted for making many finals at the CFA shows in China.  Allen began to think that perhaps his boy could be a national winner too. 

The kittens soon had many fans and each was given their own Chinese name by their fellow cat fanciers.  M.E was known as the "Unbelievable Shorthair" because of her habit of being awarded Best Kitten almost all the time.  Dustin became known as "Mr Ear Furnishings" for obvious reasons.

At their first show, 4 month old M.E enjoys her Sturdi tent while 4-and-a-half month old Dustin relaxes in his . . .

The CFA World Show 2014

Both kittens continued their winning ways and zoomed up the national kitten standings until they both were near the top.

After several months on the campaign trail in China and south east Asia, Allen and his wife, Charlene, flew with both kittens to the prestigious CFA World Show in Philadelphia in November 2014.  It is the biggest show of the year in CFA with a total entry of 671—and with more than 170 of the best kittens from around the world entered.  With so many entries, it was not possible for the judges to handle all the cats in a single show so the show was broken into two shows running concurrently, one designated the Red show and the other the Purple show.  Each show had nine rings—four Allbreed rings and five LH/SH Specialty rings.  Exhibitors were given the choice of which show to enter.

Dustin entered the Red Show while M.E. entered the Purple Show.

Dustin had an excellent show. He finaled in 8 out of the 9 rings and was Best Kitten under judge Kathy Black in an allbreed ring. In fact, Dustin did so well that he was the highest scoring kitten in the Red show.  With the points earned from this show Dustin jumped into 2nd Best Kitten nationally!

Not to be outdone by her big "brother", M.E. made all the finals in the Purple show and was awarded Best Kitten a remarkable five timesM.E. was the Purple show's top placing kittenAllen could hardly believe that he had the highest-scoring kitten in both the Red and Purple shows.  What a weekend it was for everyone involved.

Charlene Jin with Coupari Dustin (Best Kitten in the Red Show), judge Larry Adkison, Kitties Land Maine Event (Best Kitten in the Purple Show) with Allen Shi

Best & Second Best

After the World Show Allen continued campaigning both kittens.  Because kittens only have a 4 month show career, he was showing almost every weekend.  The travel was brutal.  China is a huge country with only one show a weekend, so there was no opportunity to choose a closer show.  Allen and the kittens remained on the road while Charlene stayed home to care for their daughter and the rest of the Kitties Land cats.

M.E. and Dustin continued their winning ways.  Dustin was the #2 kitten in CFA when he aged out on December 17th, 2014.  Two weeks later on January 5, 2015, M.E. was in the #1 position when she turned eight months old.  Allen could hardly believe that his kittens were first and second in the CFA standings.  Of course, the show season was still a long way from being over.  He would have to wait almost 4 months to see if another kitten could pass them.

The last few months of the season were still busy for Allen.  He continued showing the kitties in the Championship class.  Both M.E. and Dustin were one show Grands.

Finally, the wait was over.  CFA made it official.  GC, NW Kitties Land Main Event was CFA's Kitten of the Year 2015.  GC, NW Coupari Dustin was CFA's Second Best Kitten 2015.  It was an incredible accomplishment . . . Miss "Unbelievable Shorthair" and "Mr Ear Furnishings" had made history in CFA . . . and in the cat fancy in China . . . and in Allen's heart . . .

GC, NW Kitties Land Main Event
CFA's Kitten of the Year 2015

Photo by Chanan

GC, NW Coupari Dustin
CFA's Second Best Kitten 2015
Photo by Chanan


More photos from the show career of

GC, NW Kitties Land Main Event

Blue British Shorthair Female

CFA Kitten of the Year 2015

Born May 5, 2014
S: GC, DW Cromwell Benjamins Dream of Kitties Land
D: GC Cromwell Me Oh My of Kitties Land, DM
Breeder/Owner: Wenwei Shi

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

M.E. in her Sturdi tent

M.E. climbing her way to the top

Allen & M.E.'s older brother, GC Kitties Land He Comes From Dream

11 months old and already retired and enjoying home life


More photos from the show career of

GC, NW Coupari Dustin

Cream Tabby & White Longhair Scottish Fold Male

CFA 2nd Best Kitten 2015

Born April 17, 2014
Sire: Coupari Wally World
Dam: GC Coupari Dottie Pepp'ear DM
Breeder: Melody Mathis
Owner: Wenwei Shi

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Photo by Chanan

Dustin enjoys playtime in the hotel room with his breeder, Melody Mathis

Baby Dustin

Those owl eyes!

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