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Published November 2013

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On October 27, 2013, breed history was made when CH KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, DM became the first shorthair Selkirk Rex to earn the title of Distinguished Merit. The five offspring that helped her to achieve this breed milestone include:

GC KityKareKurl Teresa Curleone
GC, BW KityKareKurl Concetta Curleone
GP, AW KityKareKurl Giovanni Rascurleone
CH, GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone
GP KityKareKurl Vincenzo Rascurleone

This is Rosetta's story . . .

CH KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, DM (as a 10 week old kitten)
The first SH Selkirk Rex Distinguished Merit winner in CFA

In The Beginning: Household Pets

My name is Diane Bove. KityKareKurl is a small cattery in Central New Jersey. Before breeding Selkirk Rex, I was actively involved in cat rescue for 10 years, spaying and neutering strays and placing the friendlier cats and kittens up for adoption.  My husband, Dave, was a professional dog groomer and breeder of champion West Highland White Terriers. 

One day Dave asked me to see if there were any local cat shows we could visit. After attending two shows as spectators, we decided to give it a try showing our household pets, Buttercup and Doo Doo Magoo. Buttercup's and Doo Doo Magoo's first show was in April 2005 at the CFA's Delaware River Cat Club show. Before the last ring finished judging, we were hooked.

Buttercup was 5 years old when she was rescued in 2004 with a broken leg from a property from which we had TNR'ed (trap and release) over 100 cats. Another of our spays, Peaches, was rescued from a sod farm in Howell, New Jersey in 2006. When CFA's North Atlantic Region began scoring Household Pets for 2006-2007, Buttercup was BEST and Peaches was 8th Best HHP.

Buttercup, Tortie Point Spay
2006-2007 CFA's North Atlantic Region's BEST Household Pet. 
2006 2007 Happy Household Pet Cat Club BEST and BEST Shorthair in Northeast region and 4th BEST International.

Peaches, Blue-Cream & White Spay
2007-2008 CFA'S North Atlantic Region's 2nd BEST Household Pet 
2007-2008 Happy Household Pet Cat Club 8th BEST in Northeast Region and 8th BEST International. 
2006-2007 CFA's North Atlantic Region's 8th BEST Household Pet. 
2006-2007 Happy Household Pet Cat Club 8th BEST in Northeast Region and 20th BEST International. 

KityKareKurl Selkirk Rex

In December 2006, while showing our household pets at a show, we adopted two Selkirk rescues, Blacky and Ziggy from Jessey Horn of Dodge City. We fell in love with the breed known as a cat in sheep's clothing. The Selkirk Rex can be longhaired or shorthaired and is one of only four cat breeds that has curly fur.

Since the Selkirk Rex breed was started from an stray cat from Montana it made sense to us to work in developing the young breed. After months of searching we located a breeder in Northern California, Patti Meek of Purrfectcurl, from whom we purchased our first breeding Selkirk Rex girl CH, GP Purrfectcurl Biscotti.

Photo by L. Johnson
CH, GP Purrfectcurl Biscotti


The second time we bred Biscotti, it was to a red mackerel tabby and white longhaired Selkirk called CH Don Curleone of KityKareKurl.

Don Curleone of KityKareKurl (flame point LH Male)

Biscotti had a litter of four kittens born on January 14, 2009. One kitten was placed in a pet home, a brother and sister CH KityKareKurl Makayla Curleone and GC, GP KityKareKurl Mikael Curleone, went to Tennessee to show and become parents with Laura Jo Barber, Highlandkatz. while we kept a curly red tabby female. We named her KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, call name Rosa.

Biscotti's litter of four including Rosetta (third from the left)

When the kittens were 10 weeks old, they were featured in a CFA and 4 Kids Entertainment photo shoot. Our kittens were already stars! The litter was also featured in Animal Planet's program, "Cats 101".

Rosa was shown as a kitten and was Best SH Selkirk Rex kitten 2009-2010. When she turned eight months we began showing her in Championship but once she started cycling she was more interested in the boys than the show ring so she retired to become a mother.

Rosa having fun on the judging table as a kitten!

First Litter — Three Grands

Rosa was first bred to a boy named Deenewkurl's Rascurl of KityKareKurl from Mary Jones of Nitewind Cattery. Rosa produced four healthy kittens the end of May, 2010.

Deenewkurl's Rascurl of KityKareKurl

In time, three of the four kittens would earn their Grand titles in CFA. They are the three neutered boys GP, AW KityKareKurl Giovanni Rascurleone, CH, GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone and GP KityKareKurl Vincenzo Rascurleone.

Portrait of Rosa with her firstborn . . .

Grand # 1: GP, AW KityKareKurl Giovanni Rascurleone

GP, AW KityKareKurl Giovanni Rascurleone, is a curly short-haired cream tabby boy. Better known as JohnJohn, he was Rosa's first Grand, earning his title in just three shows. His last final was in Judge Vicki Abelson's ring at the Warick Valley Cat Show on March 17, 2011. He attended those shows by taking three weeks off from his regular gig as a CFA Iams Ambassador cat.

JohnJohn then entered the agility ring, eventually becoming the only Selkirk Rex title holder to date in the relatively new cat sport and has twice been a regional winner in agility.

GP, AW KityKareKurl Giovanni Rascurleone (JohnJohn)

Photo by L. Johnson
JohnJohn in his orange Iams Ambassador bib

JohnJohn is well known for walking around the show halls on his leash with his orange Iams bib on.

JohnJohn in his Halloween costume . . .

Grand # 2: GP KityKareKurl Vincenzo Rascurleone

Sibling GP KityKareKurl Vincenzo Rascurleone (Vinnie), a red tabby shorthair, went to live with Nancy Cohen in Maryland.  Thanks to Nancy's efforts, Vinnie became Rosetta's second grand in judge Tracy Petty's ring at the Colonial Annapolis show on June 5, 2011.

Photo by Chanan
GP KityKareKurl Vincenzo Rascurleone

Grand # 3: CH, GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone

Rosa's third grand offspring from the same litter came when CH, GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone (Larry) granded at the GBCC cat show on December 4, 2011. Like his brother JohnJohn, Larry granded in just three shows.

GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone earned his final grand points in judge Gary Veach's ring

Not satisfied with being just a show cat, "Larry" is better known as the Home Depot's Richard the Cat with his own Twitter and Tumblr pages. Larry regularly appears in Home Depot commercials and advertisements.

CH, GP KityKareKurl Lorenzo Rascurleone in his role as Richard, the Home Depot cat:
" You people keep the presents. The tree is mine."

Grand # 4: GC, BW KityKareKurl Concetta Curleone

Next, Rosa was bred to LaPurrfects Billy the Kid, a male on loan from Barb Kimmet of Cuddly Fur.

The litter was born in November 2011 and produced a curly brown patched tabby & white female, GC, BW KityKareKurl Concetta Curleone. Concetta granded at the Damn Yankees Cat Show on September 10, 2012 in Judge Bob Goltzer's ring.  Concetta went on to be CFA's Best of Breed Selkirk Rex for 2011-2012.

Photo by L. Johnson
GC, BW KityKareKurl Concetta Curleone

Where Is Number Five?

Wow! In her first two litters, Rosa had produced four Grands including a Breed Winner, the first and only Selkirk Rex agility winner to date, an Iams Ambassador cat and an accomplished animal actor. I was so proud of Rosa's kids. They had beauty, brains and personality, just like their dam.

After Concetta granded, I had a son of Rosa who I thought would DM his mom when he granded, but CH, PR KityKareKurl Anthony Curleone keep pulling out his coat after each of his shows. He just wasn't in condition to earn any grand points in what were very competitive classes.

When Rosa was bred again only the silky kittens survived, so there were no show babies at all. I felt like the kitty gods had stopped smiling on me.

In fact, it would be almost two years before I finally had another kitten to show from Rosa. Finally, in October of 2012, Rosetta had a beautiful litter of three curlys and one silky. Determined to DM Rosa, I keep the trio of curlys to show.

Grand # 5: GC KityKareKurl Teresa Curleone

I decided to start by showing the larger of the two females, Teresa. Her sister, Pia, was smaller and their neutered brother, Pio Curleone, had a long-haired coat had not grown in enough to show.

It isn't easy showing a minority breed. Finals can be few and far between even with a high quality kitty. Teresa was accumulating grand points slowly. I entered both Teresa and her sister Pia in the Nova Cat Fanciers 6x6 shows in Easton PA.

Pia had matured and her coat was looking great. I put her in just one ring each day of the weekend and both times she took breed over Teresa and made the final. By Sunday, Teresa only needed 20 points to grand. I was holding my breath. In the last ring of the show, when judge Bob Molino chose Teresa as his Best AB Champion!

It finally happened . . . on October 27, 2013, Teresa became her mother's fifth Grand with 10 points to spare!

GC KityKareKurl Teresa Curleone

The History-Maker

History was made that day. Rosa was now officially CH KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, DM — the first short-haired Selkirk Rex in the history of the breed in CFA to produce five grands and earn the prestigious breeding title of Distinguished Merit.

The Future

When my husband and I started showing household pets nine years ago I never imagined we would come so far in CFA with an minority breed. When we became involved in Selkirk Rex we said that we were going to do it right by breeding to the standard and if it didn't work out then we were going to stop. Since we began breeding under the KityKareKurl cattery name, we have bred numerous Grand Champions and Grand Premiers and three national Breed Winners. Along with Laura Jo Barber, we are now sharing our bloodlines with breeders in Europe, striving to have the Selkirk Rex breed accepted in Fifé (Fédération Internationale Féline).

We will continue to show KityKareKurl Pia Curleone and hopefully she will be Rosa's 6th Grand soon. Anthony Curleone will be coming out in Premiership and could be #7.

Rosa continues to leave her mark on the Selkirks of tomorrow. We are so proud of our little history-making girl.


Below are more photos of

CH KityKareKurl Rosetta Curleone, DM

Curly Red Tabby Female Selkirk Rex
Born 1-14-2009
3rd generation Selkirk Rex 
PKD Negative

Rosa (left) with her longhaired sibling, Lollipop, who now lives in Chicago with Pam Klemp


Below are photos of Rosa's Siblings


Photo by L. Johnson
Laura Jo Barber showed Rosa's litter-brother, GC, GP KityKareKurl Mikael Curleone, to 2nd Best of Breed year 2009-2010 .
This was her first Selkirk Rex and got her hooked on the breed.

Rosa's littermate, CH KityKareKurl Makayla Curleone

Rosa's littermate, Lollipop

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