GP, NW LynzKatz Daisy Dalrymple
BY Linda and Jon Bartley of Lynzkatz
Published June 2018

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CFA's Best Cat In Premiership for the 2017-2018 show season is the gorgeous brown patched tabby American Shorthair spay, GP NW LynzKatz Daisy Dalrymple, owned by Linda & Jon Bartley and Jim Flanik, bred by Linda and Jon Bartley.

This is Daisy's story . . .

GP, NW LynzKatz Daisy Dalrymple
CFA's Premier Of The Year 2017-2018

Photo by L. Johnson

My name is Linda Bartley. Together with my husband Jon and son, Jacob, we have been breeding American Shorthairs since 1987 and Scottish folds since 2015 under the Lynzkatz cattery name.

Daisy's story begins with a group of friends. Together we have worked breeding American Shorthairs, sharing our bloodlines, trading kittens, planning show campaigns and promoting our beloved breed.

Kathie and Doug Von Aswege of Dovon American Shorthairs bought several females from us in 2006. When two girls were bred, the Asweges offered us two boys from the resulting litters to show.

The first was GC, NW Dovon Clark of Lynzkatz, 18th Best Kitten 2011-2012. The second was GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon the Possumm of Lynzkatz, 4th Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013.

These boys were by the same sire — GC, BW, NW Yatfung Hulk in Brown, bred by married couple Edmond Tang and Christine Lam.

Kathy and Doug, Edmond and Christine Lam and friend Christine Shek. became our breeding partners. We bred Possumm to our girls, which was a wonderful combination. As of May 2018, Possumm has produced 12 Grands, and 2 Distinguished Merit cats, 9 Regional Winners and 3 National Winners — including Daisy.

Daisy's Sire: GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon the Possumm of Lynzkatz
CFA's Fourth Best Cat in Championship 2012-2013

Photo by L. Johnson

Daisy's Dam: CH Lynzkatz Amelia Butterworth, DM

Photo by L. Johnson


Daisy was born in Possumm's first litter bred to CH Lynzkatz Amelia Butterworth, DM. Daisy was in a litter of two which included GC, RW Lynzkatz Roarke.

The next winter and spring, we showed three Possumm kids together: Roarke, Daisy and GC, RW Lynzkatz Scrumpdillyicious. Roarke and Scrumpy both achieved Regional kitten wins — but Daisy did not.

Baby Daisy with her littermate, future GC, RW Lynzkatz Roarke

GC, RW Lynzkatz Scrumpdillyicious as a kitten.
Photo by Keith Kimberlin

After she aged out of the kitten class, we decided to breed her. Daisy produced a single stillborn kitten — and she never got pregnant again. We decided she was not meant to be a mother so we spayed her and granded her in Premiership.

Edmond and Christine were at our house celebrating Thanksgiving in November 2016. Edmond watched Daisy playing and commented that we should campaign her. He thought she was even better than her dad, Possumm. 

GP, NW Lynzkatz Cool Jazz of Kapa

At the time, we were busy campaigning our Scottish Fold, GC, GP, NW Best Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz in Premiership along with our American Shorthair GP, NW Lynzkatz Cool Jazz of Kapa. Jazz was co-owned with Kathy and Paul Reich, so we decided to postpone showing Daisy until the following year. Jazz was doing so well and we didn't want to interfere with his campaign by bringing out yet another kitty in Premiership.

GC, GP, NW Best Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz with Jon & Linda Bartley

GC, GP, NW Best Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz

CFA's 9th Best Cat in Premiership 2016-2017

Paul was showing Jazz at the Straight and Curl show when he started to feel unwell. Returning home, he went into the hospital for tests in early January. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was gone in just a few weeks.

After Paul's death, our good friend, Jim Flanik, volunteered to step in to complete Jazz's show season.  Jim was not new to national campaigning as he had two previous NW's in Premiership with Ragdolls. We teased him about how much easier it is to show a shorthair (not so much grooming).

A plan was made. Each week, Jim drove to Kathy's home to pick up Jazz . . . then travelled to the shows.

GP, NW Lynzkatz Cool Jazz of Kapa
Photo by L. Johnson

Kathy & Paul Reich, Jazz, and Judge Chuck Gradowski

Kathy bought a new home in Kentucky near her son and first grandchild, and was busy packing and preparing for the move. Then, just a few weeks before the end of the show season, Kathy died of a heart attack. Although she had long term heart issues, she was doing well, so her death was very unexpected.

We were all devastated. Kathy was a constant presence in my life, talking on the phone or by messenger numerous times every day. Her loss left a hole in in my life. I still miss her terribly. 

Jim soldiered on, finishing the show year with Jazz .

GP, NW Lynzkatz Cool Jazz of Kapa earned the title of CFA's 8th Best Cat in Premiership 2016-2017.

After the last show, Jim asked if he could keep Jazz, a request we agreed to happily. We knew that Paul and Kathy would have wanted Jazz to stay with Jim for always.

Team Daisy

With the new show season upon us, we made plans to begin showing Daisy. Now, everyone who has ever campaigned a cat know it takes a serious commitment of time — and it can be a challenge to get to all the shows necessary for a successful campaign.

From the moment Daisy was born, she was Jon's baby . . . theirs was an instant love affair. She always loved him best. But Jon worked most Saturdays so wasn't always available to take Daisy to the shows. And not only was I busy showing a kitten (eventual National Kitten winner, GC, NW Furry Fun Xena of Lynzkatz), but I often clerked at shows as well, so my plate was often full at the shows.

Jim knew we were planning to campaign Daisy, so he told us he would love to help show her. We were delighted, accepted his offer and added his name as Daisy's co-owner.

Team Daisy was ready to go. Jon and I took her to shows in May and June, then Jim and I took over from there.

A Born Show Girl

Daisy was a natural born show girl. She enjoyed every minute of every show. She had a pole dancing routine climbing and clawing on the rope scratching post on the judging table. She was always ready to play with judge's toys. And perhaps her most memorable habit was her wagging tail . . . Daisy has a particularly expressive tail that would wag energetically the entire time she was in the show ring. Judge Sharon Powell commented that Daisy had the best "tail action" in CFA. Brian Pearson said her tail was like a metronome.

Daisy especially loved showing for Teresa Sweeney and Gary Powell. She’d pause while sharpening her nails on the rope to look at the audience to see if they were catching her act. Judge Vicki Nye said that Daisy was a born show girl and commented she was still in great show condition at the end of the season.

As much as Daisy loved showing, when she and I came home from being away at a show without Jon, she’d give him the cold shoulder for a day.  Then she would relent and assume her favorite position — curled up in Jon's lap or snuggled in his arms.

In The Hotel Room

I am a nurse in my non-cat life so I’m a little paranoid about germs. In hotel rooms I always put our cats in big travel crates. When Jim and Daisy were at shows by themselves, Jim NEVER put Daisy in her travel crate in hotel rooms . . . and he and Daisy liked to send us photos showing the two of them on his hotel bed in the hotel, ignoring the rules. She and Jim would watch Cavalier basketball games on TV together. 

Daisy and Jim lounging on the bed in the hotel room, defying the rules . . .

Frida Joins Team Daisy

Jim and his close friend, Joel Chaney of Dewisplear Maine Coons, shared many long drives to shows together. Joel was campaigning kittens all season. One of their show trips together included a trip to Cotton States in November where Daisy acquired "Frida". Frida is Daisy's good luck charm — a stuffed toy in the shape of a Bishon Frise puppy.

Frida accompanied Daisy to every show from then on, including all the fly shows.

Daisy with co-owner Jim and her good luck charm “Frida” that she won at the Cotton States Cat Club show.
Photo by Devon Stalker Productions

Daisy in a wig for a costume contest at a show.
Purchased for GC, GP NW Best Star Line Tattoo of Lynzkatz, she refused to wear the wig
— but Daisy was totally in to it. 

Daisy is also a patriot — always ready to celebrate the 4th of July

Number One

Daisy did well right from the beginning of the campaign and climbed quickly to the top of the premiership standings. Just twelve weeks into the show season, Daisy was #1 in Premiership and remained in first place for the rest of the season.

Linda, Jim, Daisy and Frida travelled to the prestigious CFA International Show in November while Jon held down the fort at home. Daisy did very well, finaling in the top five cats at the biggest show of the year.

In December, while I was at home on medical leave following surgery, Jim flew with Daisy to Nashville, then to Houston, and San Diego. Together Jim, Daisy and Frida racked up a lot of air miles. Jim and Daisy enjoyed their special time together at fly shows. Of course, Daisy was the perfect traveler by car or plane. 

Daisy was Best In Show at many competitions including Almost Heaven, Garden State, Dayton Cat Fanciers, Greater Baltimore, Straight and Curl, Burmilla Enthusiasts, Nashville, Cleveland Persian, Lincoln State — and the last weekend of the show season at NOVA Cat Fanciers. What a way to cap a phenomenal journey.

At seasons end GP, NW LynzKatz Daisy Dalrymple was CFA's Premier Of The Year 2017-2018.

With Gratitude

We would like to thank four judges who loved Daisy since she was a kitten and encouraged us all year; Kenny Currle, Larry Adkison, Gary Powell and Teresa Sweeney. Kenny always made her Best Cat and encouraged us to try for Best Cat. Teresa, Gary Powell, Diana Doernberg and Brian Pearson used her as Best Cat all but once.

And, we'd like to thank our dear friends Linda Peterson, Kathy Rutledge, Carolyn Jimenez, Kristin Nowell, Joy Dey, Joel Chaney, Jeri Zottoli, and Mary K, who we joined for dinner many times after shows.

The third man in Daisy's life on the campaign trail was GP, NW Karmacatz Rudy, a Devon Rex owned by Linda Peterson. In many finals, Daisy and Rudy were side by side, often making eyes at each other. Rudy and Daisy gave each other good luck gifts with Rudy always having his "love monkey" from Daisy at shows. And, Linda's support team was always Linda Peterson, Michele Ruiz and Olga Zhukova, who were always there when she needed a pep talk.

We always can count on our breeding partners for support including honorary American Shorthair fan, Russell Law, who always cheered us on.  

And, most of all, a huge thank you to co-owner, Jim Flanik, without whom Daisy would not have ended up as Best Cat in Premiership. Jim was always there to take Daisy to the big fly away shows and always knew Daisy and everyone else's points down to the tenth. We couldn't ask for a better friend during these last two seasons.

A Dedication

We would like to dedicate Daisy's win to our dear friend and breeding partner, Kathie Von Aswege, who lost her battle with cancer the last weekend of the show season. We and our friends and breeding partners, Christine Shek, Christine Lam and Edmond Tang, miss Kathie dearly . . .


More photos from the show career of

GP, NW LynzKatz Daisy Dalrymple

Brown Patched Tabby American Shorthair

CFA Premier of The Year 2017-2018

Born: 08/26/13

Sire: GC, BW, NW Dovon Simon the Possumm of Lynzkatz
Dam: CH Lynzkatz Amelia Butterworth, DM
Breeder: Linda and Jon Bartley 
Owner: Linda-Jon Bartley and Jim Flanik

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by L. Johnson

Photo by L. Johnson

Jon & Daisy's love affair . . .

Daisy & Jon Bartley

Team Daisy
Photo by Devon Stalker Productions

Jon Bartley, Jim Flanik, Daisy, judge Jeri Zottoli, GP, NW Karmacatz Rudy and Linda Peterson

GP, NW Karmacatz Rudy with his "Love Monkey"
Photo by Devon Stalker Productions

Co-owner Jon Bartley, Judge Gary Powell, Daisy & co-owner Jim Flanik

Jim, CFA Judge Sharon Powell, Daisy & Jon

Daisy & Judge John Adelhoch

Baby Daisy with Judge Ken Currle showing off her climbing skills

Daisy with her biggest fan, Judge Teresa Sweeney

Daisy shows off her scratching post technique for Judge Gary Powell.

Baby Daisy celebrates her first Halloween

GC, RW Lynzkatz Roarke, Daisy's litter brother
Photo by Keith Kimberlin

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