GC, RW Thaifong Raisa of Ayuthaya, DM

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Virginia Wheeldon registered her cattery name of Thaifong in 1985. Her focus in breeding has been Siamese in the four classic colors recognized by the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA): seal, blue, chocolate and lilac point. She has produced national, regional and breed winners and takes special pride in her three CFA national breed winners and three national best of breed kitten winners. For the past ten years she has worked extensively with Susan Perkins of Ayuthaya Siamese and the partnership has paid off in the show ring.

In the spring of 2006 Virginia and Susan showed two cats against one other — a lilac point male named Ayuthaya Kashan of Thaifong and a seal point female named Thaifong Star Dancing. Both were nicely refined, balanced cats with slightly different strengths, and the wins went back and forth between them. In the end they finished their grands at the same show, on the same day. It doesn't get much better than that!

But what was even more exciting was that their bloodlines were different enough that they could be bred together.

GC Ayuthaya Kashan of Thaifong
photo by Chanan

GC Thaifong Star Dancing, DM
photo by Chanan


The first breeding produced a nice litter of three kittens. The standout was a blue point male who was registered as Thaifong Tiamo of Alexy. Virginia and Susan showed him to a regional win and highest scoring Siamese kitten in CFA for the 2006-07 show season before he went to live with Dianne and Bruce Alexy in North Carolina.

Baby Phat

The breeding was repeated in 2007 and Virginia was delighted when the pick kitten was a lilac female.

The little girl stood out from the beginning with her huge low ears and dark, expressive eyes. Although her head and expression were strikingly beautiful, she was a chubby kitten and Virginia nicknamed her “Baby Phat”. She told friends that if she ever developed good body type, she would be expensive (to show).

Baby Phat with friends...

At two months of age

By three months of age the little girl started to blossom and her body began to “string out”.

The challenge was then to come up with a worthy name. Virginia considered "Reason To Believe" but feared it might be a bit too much of a name to live up to. In the end the kitten was registered as Raisa (pronounced the Russian way – Rah-Ee-Suh). This shorter name also allowed for the addition of co-owner Susan Perkin's cattery name as a suffix.

At home she answered to “Racy”.

Raisa's Debut

Racy made her show ring debut at the Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers show in May and at “four months and a minute” made several finals. Her next outing was at the Great Lakes Regional in June where she held her own against some of the top running kittens of the season. Later that month she went to the Capital Cat Fanciers show in Ottawa where she went Best across the board! Their girl was a "flyer" and Virginia and Susan started to make travel plans.

Racy with Virginia with her trophy for Best Kitten In Show at the Ottawa show
photo by Blue Sky Photography

On The Road

Viriginia and Susan decided to take the shows one at a time, and hoped for the best win possible.

They traveled extensively through the summer and Raisa continued to do well in tough competition.

Highlights of her show career were the before mentioned going Best across the Board in Ottawa, then nearly repeating that at a Mid-Michigan show in September where she was awarded seven Best Kittens and one second.

In all, Racy was awarded the Best Kitten rosette 31 times in her kitten career.

For one of her last kitten shows Virginia and Susan made the long trek to the East coast's premier campaign show, National Capital, held each year in Chantilly, VA in September.

The trip was well worth it as Racy ended up Third Best Allbreed Kitten in Show, making seven of eight finals, and including several Best Kittens over the top campaigning kittens in the country.

Racy with judge Sharon Roy at the Garden State show


Racy all grown up
photo by Chanan

A One Show Grand

Racy turned eight months old and her kitten career was over.

She granded in one show at the National Siamese Cat Club show in October 2007. She was then shown for a few shows in championship, before being retired for breeding.

Just 31 Points

The achievement of a CFA national win with a Siamese kitten has always been an elusive goal. While over 80 Siamese have made national wins in CFA over the years, only seven of those awards were in the kitten class and none have ever been achieved by a lilac point.

Racy was out early in the season when, for the most part, kitten counts are lower and points are scarce. Experienced campaigners know that obtaining an NW with a kitten is often about the birth date. No matter how good the kitten, if there aren't enough high kitten count shows, it can be almost impossible to make a top win.

Racy had a glorious run. She was in the national standings until the end of January 2008 when she slipped out of the top 25. She finished up being the 28th Best Kitten nationally, missing a NW by only 31 points. If there had been just one more kitten at each of her shows, she may have been an NW.

Although disappointing to miss the national win, Virginia and Susan knew that it doesn't diminish the quality of the cat or the success she achieved. They will always be proud of Racy's accomplishments and that she is CFA's highest scoring lilac point Siamese kitten to date.

Besides her Regional Win as a kitten, Racy also earned a second regional win as an adult as well as being the Best of Color lilac point Siamese in CFA for 2008.


Of course, winning in the show ring is only one aspect of being a great cat. Racy also became an excellent mother. All her litters are raised in the bedroom… in the bed!

And her babies were stunningly beautiful...

Momma Racy shares a tender moment with her baby...

Racy has produced five grand champions and premiers to date – GC Thaifong Raisella of Purrmatix, GP Thaifong Only Rac'N Roll, GP, RW Pistol Pete of Ayuthaya, GC, RW Thaifong Qu-Joh of Ayuthaya and, most recently, GP Thaifong Le Rasoir of Ayuthaya, the magical fifth grand that earned Racy the prestigious breeding title of DM (Distinguished Merit).

All five of her qualifying offspring were lilac points and Virginia and Susan are especially proud of one daughter, Qu-Joh, who followed in her dam's footsteps to become CFA's best lilac point and second best of breed Siamese for the 2011-12 show season.

Raisa's daughter. GC, RW Thaifong Qu-Joh
photo by Chanan

Raisa's son, GC, RW Thaifong Pistol Pete
photo by Chanan

One More Show

Racy came out of retirement at the National Siamese Cat Club show in September of 2012 and at five years of age was still competitive in a large class of Siamese grands. Several of the judges did a double take when they read her age in their books. All remarked on her wonderful condition and clear white body color.

Despite having been out of the ring for almost four years, it wasn't long before Racy got back into the swing of things. By the end of the first day she was back to her old habit of reaching out to try and to grab the judges' toys as they walked by.

Racy's pedigree is a combination of most of the lines Virginia has worked with over the years, and she feels that Racy is a tribute to the many fine Siamese cats behind her and the people who dedicated their lives to breeding them.


Below are photos from the show career of:

GC, RW Thaifong Raisa of Ayuthaya, DM
Lilac Point Siamese Female

Great Lakes Region's 8th Best Kitten 2007-2008
Great Lakes Region's 11th Best Cat 2007-2008

Born: January 17, 2007
Sire: GC Ayuthaya Kashan of Thaifong
Dam: GC Thaifong Star Dancing, DM
Breeder: Virginia Wheeldon
Owner: Virginia Wheeldon and Susan Perkins

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

photo by Chanan

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