Let's Talk About Web Designs

Perhaps you know very little about computers, domain names or web space but you have decided you need a cattery website. Or perhaps you have a website already but want it re-designed to raise it to a higher, more professional level.

Whatever your needs, since you have arrived at this page, you are obviously searching for someone to design a website for you.

A Bit About Me

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Lee Harper.

I have been a professional writer and photographer for most of my adult life. In 1994, I began showing Bi-color Persians under the Mockingbird cattery name. In 1997, I campaigned a cream and white Persian to CFA's #2 Cat in Championship. In 1999, I added Exotics to my breeding program.

In July 2000, I created PandEcats.com, the first online breed magazine (called an ezine) in the cat fancy, followed six months later by the all breed ezine, ShowCatsOnline.com.

By 2001, I began designing websites for catteries - a natural extension of my passion for felines combined with my talents as an award-winning photographer and writer.

My unique combination of skills and experience helps me implement the best way to present your cats and cattery on the internet. My goal is to provide you with personal, professional, quality web design at an affordable price. Although I specialize in cattery and animal-related websites, I also enjoy working with individuals on personal or business websites. Examples of my work in appear in my Website Portfolio.

Choosing A Website Designer

Effective web site design doesn't happen by accident. Good web design is an art and a science. It is the artful integration of the visual and verbal rhetoric.

Your cattery website allows you to share your cats with the world.

A good cattery website designer must have an artistic "eye" for showcasing your cats to look their best... and the technical skills to pull it off.

A good website helps you build your cattery reputation. A good website sells your kittens to loving people around the world. A good website promotes your image.

The trick for attracting more visitors to your website is to make sure it is better than average - beautiful photos, crisp graphics, effective layout, and interesting text will all demand attention.

Before you choose your web designer, take a look at some of the websites they have designed to judge the quality of their work. You are invited to thumb through my Website Portfolio.

Your Goals

When someone enters your website, you want them to instantly feel like they came to the right place. You want them to be able to easily follow the navigation to your content. And you want them to be engaged long enough to make some decisions that benefit both of you.

At a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising, you have the added benefit of being available to a worldwide audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Questions To Ask Yourself

Who am I trying to reach? What is my website going to look like? How will my information be presented? Will my website help me sell show kittens? Will my website help me sell my pet kittens? What impression will my website give to readers?

What Makes a Website "Good"

You will want your website to stand out from the hundreds of other cattery websites. A good website should be visually arresting. A good website should have well-written text that is interesting and easy to read. A good website should project some of your personality. The navigation and menu of a good website should be intuitive, logical and understandable. And finally, a good website should download quickly and be viewable in all web browsers.

Be Unique

There are millions of web sites on the internet. A web site needs to be different and fun in order to keep the viewer's interest. I will design a site that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Your Cat's Photos

The single most important element of a cattery website is the proper selection and presentation of the photos of your cats. I can help you choose the most flattering photos and most importantly, I will provide the best cropping and framing of your photos to highlight your special kitties' qualities. I will showcase your cats - the "stars" of your website.

Proper preparation of your cat's photo is the greatest influencing factor in the over-all impression of your cattery website. Color, exposure, cropping, removal of distractions and changing background colors can all make a huge difference. To see some examples of how I can improve a photo, view these Before & After Photos.

Your Text

Your text should be well written... and must be in a legible/readable font. Your information should be worded in a way that attracts a potential kitten buyer so they want to purchase a kitten from you and no one else.

Custom Graphics

Graphics can make the difference between an interesting web site or a dull web site. I will design custom-made title graphics for you, provide you with textured backgrounds, 3-D buttons, lines & icons and more.

Where Do You Start?

All you really need to do to get started is decide you want a website and choose a Website Package (See Costs).

I will guide you through everything you need to know once you have made that decision. I will walk you through the web design process from start to finish. I will make suggestions and help you collect and organize the information needed to be included on your website. I will even give you tips on how to photograph your cats if needed.

I will help you overcome any anxieties you may have and guide you through the process of creating your own web presence on the internet. I can direct you to the best price for registering your domain name and web hosting space.

Depending on your budget, you can start with just a few pages and add to your website over time, or I can create a detailed website right from the start.

No site should ever be considered finished of course :-). As cats grand or have kittens you will want to make changes and additions.

See the complete list of Services that I offer. You can also look at some of my client websites for more ideas in my Website Portfolio.

Free Consultation

Each web site requires a good deal of consultation and planning before construction begins. It is a team effort. I strive to make sure the ideas you envision as part of your web pages become a reality. I can refine your vision and generate fresh ideas to make your site something special. If you are thinking about having a new website done, Contact me and I will be happy to discuss your needs.

Pre-Made Website Designs

Not sure you have a vision of what your website should look like? Why not check out my one of a kind, Pre-Made Website Designs. If you find one you like, I can customize it with your own photos and text. Once sold, a pre-made design is removed and never used again... so it always remains uniquely YOURS!


Having your own website doesn't need to be expensive. If you have a limited budget, we can start small and build the site up over time.

I have 3 reasonably priced Design Packages. Complete details and pricing is explained on the Costs page. I also can provide an all custom design service, depending on your needs and preferences.

All packages include a free consultation to plan for your Internet presence.

How Long Before I Have My Website?

I pride myself on excellent customer service and fast turnaround. Once you have selected one of a Design Package, all I need to get started is:

  • The text you want on your website: It doesn't have to be written perfectly - just an idea of what you want to say.
  • Photos: This includes photos of your cats, of course, but can also include photos of your family, your home, other pets... anything you want to share with visitors to your website.
  • Your color choices, theme and/or design ideas... and the sky is the limit!

Depending on the complexity, your site can take only a few days or several weeks to complete.  Generally, a simple three page site can be up and running in 8-10 days.

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The cat .featured on this page is

GC Mockingbird X-Periment

Exotic Shorthair