Pedigree Pages

A good cattery website should include pedigrees on each cat. A pedigree can be done several ways.

  • You can scan a printed pedigree and include it as an image on the website.
  • You can create a pedigree page from your pedigree program.
  • Or I will custom create a pedigree that matches your website design

By far, the best option is to have your pedigree co-ordinate with your website look. The background can be colored or textured. Extra touches including different colors and/or coloring for the titles of cats, GC, NW, RW and DM so they stand out on the pedigree. A small photo of each cat (especially the parents and grandparents) can also be added to the pedigree.

Below are small images of full page pedigrees to give you an idea of how a pedigree can be created to co-ordinate with your website.