Photo Presentation

Once your photo is properly cropped, sized and color corrected, the next step is framing it for final presentation on your website. A good frame should compliment the photo of your cat, not overwhelm it. The first thing you should notice when you look at the photo is the cat - and not the frame. Notice that besides adding a frame to a photo, you can add other things. Stars, flowers and even text, especially the cat's call name, adds a special extra touch to any photo.

  • Realistic Frames: Realistic Frames mimic the type of frame you would use on a picture you would hand on the wall, or a frame you would place on a shelf.
  • Mat Border Frames: Mat frames create a simple border around the photo. They can be wide or narrow, and of any color or texture. You can have several layers of mats to create a custom look.
  • Minimalist Looks: Neither a frame nor a mat, minimalist looks have a modern that often flatters a cat photo.
  • Edge Effects: You may choose not to have your photos framed at all. Instead, you can use an "effect" on the edge. The variety of edge effects is huge and can add a very unique look to your website.

Scroll down this page to see just a few samples of each type of frame style to see which you might prefer on your cattery website.

Samples Of Realistic Looking Picture Frames

Samples Of Mat Border Frames

Samples of Minimalist Presentation Styles

Samples of Edge Effects