The all-inclusive ShowCatsOnline Web Design services includes everything you need to establish and promote your cattery or business on the internet. Besides creating the initial website design, I will show you how to choose and register a domain name, publish your site on the internet for you, submit it to search engines and perform all maintenance.

Website Design Services

I will custom design your website from your first glimmer of an idea to the complete website on the Web. See The Cost for convenient packages with fees for all labor involved in the creation of your website.

Pre-Made Website Designs

Not sure you have a vision of what your website should look like? Why not check out my one of a kind, Pre-Made Websets. If you find one you like, I can customize it with your own photos and text. Once sold, a pre-made design is removed from the gallery and never used again.

Photo Preparation

I will custom crop, color correct, refine the exposure and correct red eye on all photos before framing them and maximizing them to look their very best on your website. You can see some are examples of Before and After Photos to give you an idea of how photos can be improved before being added to your website.

Text Editing

The information you include on your website is important. I professional edit all text to make it read and flow easily. I choose a font type and size that is easy to read on a computer monitor as well.

Splash Page

The splash page is the first page a visitor sees of your website. It should be eye-catching. Here are some examples of Splash Pages which I have designed. If you have an existing website but you would like to have a Splash page added, I can create something special just for you.


Every website should include a banner that other website owners can use to link to your website. A banner is like a calling card - it encourages people to come for a visit. View some of my custom-designed Banners.

Custom Pedigrees

Your pedigrees should co-ordinate with your website. When I add pedigrees to a website, I always design them to co-ordinate and compliment the look of the site.

See examples of Custom Pedigrees.

Domain Name & Web Hosting

After your website is created it will need to be hosted by a webserver and you will want a domain name. You have several options.

I can direct you to ad-free web hosting and free domain name registration and renewal for $6.95/month. This is the best choice for a professional-looking website.

Your domain name would be

Free Web Hosting with Geocities Domain Name

If you are on a tight budget, you may choose free hosting available through Geocities. A Geocities domain name & email address are included. An advertising box will pop on each page you open (very irritating to readers).

Your domain name would be

Website Maintenance

Each of our website packages includes one free month of changes once your website goes online.

Maintaining a web site may be the most important aspect of having a web presence. A non-changing web site is sometimes referred to as a "dead web" or a "cob web". Keep people coming back to see your latest "additions". Our maintenance services include monthly additions, changes, and deletions to your web site as needed.

I can provide economical monthly or yearly maintenance for all websites, whether designed by myself or someone else.

Search Engines

Once your web pages are completed you need to let people know you're online. I will submit your web site to thirty leading search engines. Before submitting your site to search engines, you‘ll be able to preview it and make any changes. Again, your input is important! Once you have approved your website we will submit it to the following 30 search engines:

Alta Vista
FAST Search
National Directory
Northern Light
Scrub The Web
Starting Point
USA Online
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