ACFA's Top Inter-American Awards 2003-2004

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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without the express written permission of is happy to present the top cats for 2003-2004 in ACFA, the American Cat Fanciers Federation. Originating in 1955, ACFA has grown to be one of the world's largest cat organizations.

ACFA is known as the Fairest, Friendliest and most Fun feline association!   

Their goal is to promote the welfare, education, knowledge and interest in all domesticated, purebred and non-purebred cats, to breeders, owners, exhibitors of cats and the general public.

Inter-American Award Winners
Best Cat  
Foxer's Frankly My Dear - Blue-Eyed White Manx M
2nd Best Cat  
Phyxius On The Road Again - Blue McTabby & White Persian M
3rd Best Cat  
Elvis Kitkat For He Is Our Peace - Brown Tabby Shorthair Exotic M
4th Best Cat  
Snugharborkats Joe Boxer - Blue & White Shorthair Exotic M
5th Best Cat  
My Cracker Jack of Tarajoy - Red & White Longhair Exotic M
6th Best Cat  
Furryfaces Blackman - Bombay M
7th Best Cat  
Kattarose's Chester The Jester - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
8th Best Cat  
Lyati Sgt Pepper of Bejayese - Cream McTabby British Shorthair M
9th Best Cat  
Sans Souci Beaus Teeco - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal M
10th Best Cat  
Purr-Cussion Ydro of Simply Elegant - Lilac Point Birman F
11th Best Cat  
Elvis Kitkat Mr. Presley - Red Tabby & White Exotic Shorthair M
12th Best Cat  
Artshow Orvieto - Ruddy Somali M
13th Best Cat  
Burthay Chenelle - Smoke Tortie & White Cornish Rex F
14th Best Cat  
Sundancer Man of Heaven-Sent - Cinnamon & White Sphynx M
15th Best Cat  
Ragtime Cats Our Man Cody - Seal Lynx Point & White Ragamuffin M
16th Best Cat  
Kenwyn Mister Ictus - Chocolate Smoke & White Cornish Rex M
17th Best Cat  
Theatricats Buddy Ebscoon - Brown McTabby & White Maine Coon M
18th Best Cat  
Encore Cats Cinderella - Copper-Eyed White Ragamuffin F
19th Best Cat  
Kanchenjunga Blukiss - Blue British Shorthair M
20th Best Cat  
Alyn The Baldone of Heaven-Sent - Seal Point & White Sphynx M
Best Kitten  
Silver Ash's Brandy Alexander - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
2nd Best Kitten  
Elvis Kitkat Seeing Is Believing - Brown McTabby & White Persian M
3rd Best Kitten  
Artshow Pazzi - Ruddy Somali F
4th Best Kitten  
Chipmunk Rainia - Ebony Silver Tabby Oriental Shorthair F
5th Best Kitten  
Jamen's Eyesadorable - Singapura F
6th Best Kitten  
Snugharborkats Priscilla Q.O.T.D. - Blue-Cream & White Longhair Exotic F
7th Best Kitten  
Purr-Cussion Agogo Bell - Seal Tortie Point Birman F
8th Best Kitten  
Kennickey Katz Sizzlin' Sadie - Ruddy Abyssinian F
9th Best Kitten  
Equinox Xotc Loco Roho - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair M
10th Best Kitten  
Jamen's Louetta - Singapura F
Best Premier  
Klahz Reja Misty Too - Platinum Mink Tonkinese S
2nd Best Premier  
Kennickey Kats Rum Tum Tugger - Ruddy Abyssinian N
3rd Best Premier  
Snugharborkats Himself of Showtime - Red Tabby & White Longhair Exotic N
4th Best Premier  
Ja Da Pompey of Amiguito - Silver Tabby Exotic Shorthair N
5th Best Premier  
Sotakats Leftover Tuna - Black & White SH Selkirk Rex N
6th Best Premier  
Purr-Cussion Zippididadah - Red Point Birman N
7th Best Premier  
Lyati Milday Petula of Two Rivers - Blue British Shorthair S
8th Best Premier  
Shalah A Time To Laugh - Tortoiseshell & White Persian S
9th Best Premier  
Toda's Vanna White - Tortoiseshell Van American Shorthair S
10th Best Premier  
Scotsheath Lass Amelia Quigley - Blue-Cream & White Scottish Fold S

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