ACFA's Top Inter-American Awards 2012-2013

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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without the express written permission of is happy to present the top cats for 2012-2013 in ACFA,, the American Cat Fanciers Federation. Originating in 1955, ACFA has grown to be one of the world's largest cat organizations. ACFA is known as the Fairest, Friendliest and most Fun feline association!   

Their goal is to promote the welfare, education, knowledge and interest in all domesticated, purebred and non-purebred cats, to breeders, owners, exhibitors of cats and the general public.

ACFA's top cats are listed below - congratulations to all the winners!


Best Cat    Woodwillow's Jack Kodiak - Blue British Shorthair M
2nd Best Cat    Chipmunk Dances With Mice - Ebony Spotted Tabby/White Oriental Shorthair M
3rd Best Cat    Avatar Ares - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal M
4th Best Cat    Softnotes Red Cloud of Gator Maine - Shaded Cameo/White Maine Coon M
5th Best Cat    Dewmancats Alastair - Copper-Eyed White Exotic Shorthair M
6th Best Cat    Jordana's Scamper Sam - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair M
7th Best Cat    Pharoahsgems Mystique of Pfieffurr - Seal Tortie Lynx Point Siamese F
8th Best Cat    Woodwillow's Afro-Dydee - Lavender Cream/White LH Selkirk Rex F
9th Best Cat    Victorian Rose Isaac - Black Persian M
10th Best Cat    Delian Taz - Sable Burmese M
11th Best Cat    Buctales Bi-Polar Bear - Amber-Eyed White Maine Coon M
12th Best Cat    Purr-Cussion Icecream - Cream Lynx Point Birman M
13th Best Cat    Avatar Perseus - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal M
14th Best Cat    Payfurpurr's Austi of Sacerdosfele - Champagne Tonkinese M
15th Best Cat    Memere-Pata Mariah Blue .58 - Blue Russian Blue F
16th Best Cat    Sunsettrail Primitive Man IV - Blue Point Siamese M
17th Best Cat    Kolb's Elegant Andy - Chestnut Oriental Shorthair F
18th Best Cat    Thera Bandar Grandin - Lilac Spotted Australian Mist M
19th Best Cat    Heaven-Sent Batman - Blue/White Sphynx M
20th Best Cat    Mountain Mists Pzazshiraz of Karena - Lilac Marbled Australian Mist F



Best Kitten    Heaven-Sent Paisley - Tortoiseshell/White Sphynx F
2nd Best Kitten    Avatar Perseus - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal M
3rd Best Kitten    Eaglerock Proud To Be An American - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
4th Best Kitten    Colorofcat Dr Pepper - Brown McTabby Maine Coon M
5th Best Kitten    Maiyah Mr America of Sunsettrail - Seal Point Siamese M
6th Best Kitten    Pharoahsgems Mystique of Pfieffurr - Seal Tortie Lynx Point Siamese F
7th Best Kitten    Jordana's Madeleine - Red Tabby Exotic Shorthair F
8th Best Kitten    Psycatics Denali - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
9th Best Kitten    Dewmancats Alastair - Copper-Eyed White Exotic Shorthair M
10th Best Kitten    Memere-Pata Jordyn - Blue Russian Blue F
11th Best Kitten    Buctales Bi-Polar Bear - Amber-Eyed White Maine Coon M
12th Best Kitten    Memere-Pata Honey Boo Boo - Blue British Shorthair F
13th Best Kitten    Kitkatkorner Tasha Isis - Silver Egyptian Mau F
14th Best Kitten    Sharbo Sugar N'Spice - Ebony McTabby Oriental Shorthair F
15th Best Kitten    Memere-Pata Florida Gator - Silver Egyptain Mau M
16th Best Kitten    CDreams Sebastian of TLC - Brown McTabby Maine Coon N
17th Best Kitten    Memere-Pata Jet - Blue Russian Blue M
18th Best Kitten    Psycatics Total Eclipse - Black Maine Coon F
19th Best Kitten    Eaglerock Billy The Kid - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
20th Best Kitten    Savenny Milord Patrick of Lyati - Blue British Shorthair M



Best Alter    Jucha Zorro of T C - Chocolate Silver Spotted Tabby Ocicat N
2nd Best Alter    Catequil Wyatt Curlp - Brown McTabby/White SH Selkirk Rex N
3rd Best Alter    Traditional's Gogo Girl of Bur-Minn - Blue Burmese S
4th Best Alter    Lonerock Tailor Made - Blue Lynx Point/White Ragdoll N
5th Best Alter    Standing Ovation Bravo of Caliburn - Brown Marbled Tabby Bengal N
6th Best Alter    Earlgray of La-Jutari - Blue British Shorthair N
7th Best Alter    GW Muffins Zoi Belle - Black Smoke Tortoiseshell/White Ragamuffin S
8th Best Alter    Delian Maui - Sable Burmese N
9th Best Alter    Finn Farm's Hot Toddy Aka Happy - Cream Lynx Point Birman N
10th Best Alter    Sea R Paws Gonathan of Furryfaces - Red Point Birman N
11th Best Alter    Korbel Brut of Katzablanka - Red Tabby Van LH Exotic N
12th Best Alter    Kolb's Dumbledore - Ebony/White Oriental Shorthair N
13th Best Alter    Valaming GTO - Blue Point Birman N
14th Best Alter    Treepaw Valerius of Carwen - Champagne Mink Tonkinese N
15th Best Alter    Catequil Giga of Purr-Cussion - Brown Patched Tabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat S
16th Best Alter    Katzenfur De' Ja Blu of Rivertown - Blue Persian N
17th Best Alter    Memere-Pata Robin - Blue Russian Blue N
18th Best Alter    Lyati Milord Blueberry Patch - Blue/White British Shorthair N
19th Best Alter    Sea R Paws Howitzer - Red Point Birman N
20th Best Alter    Sharbo Darktown Strutter - Ebony Oriental Shorthair N

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