CFF's Parade of Perfection for 2001-2002

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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CFF is a feline registry with clubs and judges in the Midwest and Eastern portions of the United States. People can participate in CFF through individual membership and membership in CFF clubs in their area.


National Winners
'-   -  
Best Cat  
Jazzy Abbys Duke Ellington - Ruddy Abyssinian M
2nd Best Cat  
Wordsworth Bam Bam - Brown Tabby Himalayan M
3rd Best Cat  
Superdolls' Daryl Blueberry - Sealpoint Bicolor Ragdoll M
4th Best Cat  
Moolycats Erin Brockavich - Brown Patched Tabby & White Maine Coon F
5th Best Cat  
Kingfisher Speed Demon of Lisacoon - Red Tabby Maine Coon M
6th Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McSnowemann - Copper-Eyed White LH Scottish Fold M
7th Best Cat  
Design's Ultimate Image - Cream & White Persian M
8th Best Cat  
Midnight's Major Melody - Silver Tabby American Shorthair F
9th Best Cat  
Tu-Tone's Black Bart - Black Cornish Rex M
10th Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McLollipopp - Black & White SH Scottish Fold F
11th Best Cat  
Elcarim's Gabriel of Kat-Luha Katz - Blue Tabby & White British Shorthair F
12th Best Cat  
Sue-Mc Stetson - Blue-Eyed White Oriental Shorthair M
13th Best Cat  
Tu-Tone's Diamond Lil - Black & White Cornish Rex F
14th Best Cat  
Moggysmoor Garfield of Mistyfolds - Cream McTabby SH Scottish Fold M
15th Best Cat  
Pawstuctaway Ladea of Adoracoon - Brown Tabby Maine Coon F
16th Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McLorilei - Blue-Eyed White LH Scottish Fold F
17th Best Cat  
Oldestage Amarillo of Widowswalk - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon F
18th Best Cat  
Kelim Coons Moon Goddess - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
19th Best Cat  
Little Witches Tobiasred Katluhakatz - Red McTabby LH Scottish Fold M
20th Best Cat  
Da-Glo's Harlequin Tatum - Tortie Point Siamese F
'-   -  
Best Kitten  
Nubian Sweet P' - Ruddy Abyssinian F
2nd Best Kitten  
Elcarim's Alexandra Rose - Brown Spotted Tabby & White British Shorthair F
3rd Best Kitten  
Wordsworth's Snap Decision - Tortie Point Himalayan F
4th Best Kitten  
Catchance Amazing Grace of Micmar - Blue & White Persian F
5th Best Kitten  
Suavere's Cherries On Top of Design - Red & White Persian F
6th Best Kitten  
Silver Nuggettes McSalzza - Calico LH Scottish Fold F
7th Best Kitten  
Midnight's Dancer - Silver Tabby American Shorthair F
8th Best Kitten  
Elcarim's Sir Henry of Kat-Luha Katz - Red Tabby & White British Shorthair M
9th Best Kitten  
Silver Nuggettes McDominikke - Black & White SH Scottish Fold F
10th Best Kitten  
Heritage Coons Tina Turner - Red Tabby Maine Coon F
11th Best Kitten  
Kelim Coons Sonoma - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
12th Best Kitten  
Platinumpurr Maxwell E of Catnbeary - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
13th Best Kitten  
Blizkidz Batty - Ebony Oriental Shorthair M
14th Best Kitten  
Purrrgatory's Willard - Silver McTabby & White Maine Coon M
15th Best Kitten  
Maycoons Diva of Adoracoon - Blue Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
16th Best Kitten  
Lacocoon Taylor Nicole of Kelimcoon - Brown Tabby Maine Coon Female
17th Best Kitten  
Toppcatcoons Fyre And Ice - Red Tabby & White Maine Coon F
18th Best Kitten  
Bellerose's Princess Marie - Blue British Shorthair F
19th Best Kitten  
Adoracoon Life Of Riley - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
20th Best Kitten  
Kineo Coons Madison - Brown Tabby Maine Coon F
'-   -  
Best Premier  
Jazzy Abbys Stan Kenton - Red Abyssinian N
2nd Best Premier  
24K Coons Sunstone - Red Tabby Maine Coon N
3rd Best Premier  
Elcarim's Little Boy Blue - Blue Spotted Tabby British Shorthair N
4th Best Premier  
Tu-Tone's Velvet 'N Pearls - Black & White Cornish Rex S
5th Best Premier  
Elcarim's Johnnie Walker Red - Red McTabby Persian N
6th Best Premier  
Bellerose's Prince Harry - Blue British Shorthair N
7th Best Premier  
Sylverling Contessa of Suttonian - Chinchilla Silver Persian S
8th Best Premier  
Dots And Dashes Medieval of Tennant - Golden McTabby American Curl S
9th Best Premier  
Le Beau Minu Toby - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon N
10th Best Premier  
Superdolls Gerry Berry - Sealpoint Bicolor Ragdoll N
11th Best Premier  
Nubian Raisin D'etre - Ruddy Abyssinain N
12th Best Premier  
Racin' Rags Polaris of Galactic - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll N
13th Best Premier  
Bigbaby Coon's Hurricane Floyd - Brown Tabby Maine Coon N
14th Best Premier  
Pawstuctaway Rowdy of Kelimcoons - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon N
15th Best Premier  
Suttonian Tassle Too - Shaded Silver Persian S
16th Best Premier  
Elcarim's Matthew - Shaded Cameo & White British Shorthair N
17th Best Premier  
Hartwick's Siberian Ice - Gold-Eyed White Cornish Rex N
18th Best Premier  
Racin' Rags Blue Sapphire of Tennant - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll S
19th Best Premier  
Misty Folds Shadow And Light - Black & White LH Scottish Fold N
20th Best Premier  
Marvel Little Tiger Lily - Natural Mink Tonkinese S
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