CFF's Parade of Perfection for 2004-2005

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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without the express written permission of is happy to present the top cats for 2004-2005 in CFF, the Cat Fanciers Federation, Inc.

CFF is a feline registry with clubs and judges in the Midwest and Eastern portions of the United States. People can participate in CFF through individual membership and membership in CFF clubs in their area.


National Winners
Best Cat  
Blizkidz Quicksand of Tige - Fawn Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair M
2nd Best Cat  
Racin'Rags Sirius of Galactic - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll M
3rd Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McKallissti - Calico Longhair Scottish Fold F
4th Best Cat  
Jazzy Abbys Count Basie - Ruddy Abyssinian M
5th Best Cat  
Elcarim's Mr. Manhattan of Bellerose - Black British Shorthair M
6th Best Cat  
Midnight Tomterrific Capital Heights - Brown Tabby American Shorthair M
7th Best Cat  
Widowswalk Rocket Red Glare - Red Tabby Maine Coon M
8th Best Cat  
Tu-Tone's Diamond Lil' - Black & White Cornish Rex F
9th Best Cat  
Mundorio's Quincy - Blue Point Himalayan M
10th Best Cat  
Howler - Cameo Tabby Oriental Longhair M
11th Best Cat  
Kelim Coons Margarita Sunrise - Silver Patched Tabby & White Maine Coon F
12th Best Cat  
Alien's Daughter Jill - Brown McTabby & White Devon Rex F
13th Best Cat  
Cloud Dancer - Blue Harlequin Persian M
14th Best Cat  
Joyville Junie Moon - Dilute Calico Persian F
15th Best Cat  
Bastis Theenvelopeplease of Nubian - Ruddy Abyssinian M
16th Best Cat  
Tu-Tone's Maverick - Black Cornish Rex F
17th Best Cat  
Donnasdollys Sir Li of Kasseldolls - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll M
18th Best Cat  
Mundorio's Abington - Seal Tortie Point Himalayan F
19th Best Cat  
Mannahatta's Moosebec- Black Smoke Maine Coon M
20th Best Cat  
Misty Folds Amelia Ear-Hart - Blue-Cream & White Shorthair Scottish Fold F
Best Kitten  
Misty Folds Angus MacGyv-Ear - Brown Tabby Shorthair Scottish Fold M
2nd Best Kitten  
Sue-Mc Sparkling Silver - Chestnut Silver McTabby Oriental Shorthair F
3rd Best Kitten  
Catnbeary's Bailey's Cream - Cream Tabby American Shorthair F
4th Best Kitten  
Sue-Mc British Sterling - Silver McTabby Oriental Shorthair M
5th Best Kitten  
Mysticdolls Regulus of Galactic - Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll M
6th Best Kitten  
Catnbeary's Major Minor - Silver Tabby American Shorthair M
7th Best Kitten  
Widowswalk Texas Justice - Red Tabby Maine Coon M
8th Best Kitten  
Kicsi-Macska Church-Of-Pet Cemetery - Blue Patched Tabby Devon Rex F
9th Best Kitten  
Mysticdolls Blue Sparhawk - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll M
10th Best Kitten  
Fur-Taztic Ivan The Great - Silver Tabby Maine Coon M
11th Best Kitten  
Firestar of Pentaclecats - Red Abyssinian F
12th Best Kitten  
Kelim Coons Sunday Money - Cream Tabby & White Maine Coon M
13th Best Kitten  
Anygma Foxwoods-Of-Pentaclecats - Fawn Abyssinian F
14th Best Kitten  
Mysticdolls Belkira - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll F
15th Best Kitten  
Smoochncoons Jazzy Zira - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon F
16th Best Kitten  
Widowswalk Ramblin Rose - Red Tabby Maine Coon F
17th Best Kitten  
Smoochncoons Go Diva - Black & White Maine Coon F
18th Best Kitten  
Gwennor Amazin Grace of Kasseldolls - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
19th Best Kitten  
Orchid Habenaria Harriet - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
20th Best Kitten  
Cosmo of Petteycats - Red Tabby Maine Coon M
Best Premier  
Kat-Luha Katz Snee-Ka Red - Red McTabby Shorthair Scottish Fold N
2nd Best Premier  
Elcarim's Star In The Dust - Cream & White British Shorthair N
3rd Best Premier  
Sylverling Contessa of Suttonian - Chinchilla Silver Persian S
4th Best Premier  
Heritage Coons Vincegil of Bellerose - Red Tabby Maine Coon N
5th Best Premier  
Mundorio's Windsor - Red Himalayan N
6th Best Premier  
Superdolls Gerry Berry - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll N
7th Best Premier  
Elegance's "Lil' Diamond Luster" - Blue-Eyed White Devon Rex S
8th Best Premier  
Blizkidz Wooly Bully - Silver Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair N
9th Best Premier  
Pawstuctaway Serengeti - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon S
10th Best Premier  
Lord Starfyre - Cream & White Persian N
11th Best Premier  
Superdolls Sperryberrie - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll N
12th Best Premier  
Hartwick's Siberian Ice - Gold-Eyed White Cornish Rex N
13th Best Premier  
Purrrgatory's Willard - Silver McTabby & White Maine Coon N
14th Best Premier  
Rockwell's Rock On of Cestee - Black Exotic Shorthair N
15th Best Premier  
Snowpalace Baron Wyntrstorm - Black & White Persian N
16th Best Premier  
McWiskers Galen - Red Tabby Maine Coon N
17th Best Premier  
Le Beau Minu Toby - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon N
18th Best Premier  
Bellerose Grace Kelly of Kingfisher - Blue British Shorthair S
19th Best Premier  
Le Beau Minu Knight Hawk - Black Maine Coon N
20th Best Premier  
Gillerin Cocoa Kitty - Seal Point Birman N

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