CFF's Parade of Perfection for 2007-2008

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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without the express written permission of is happy to present the top cats for 2006-2007 CFF, the Cat Fanciers Federation, Inc.

CFF is a feline registry with clubs and judges in the Midwest and Eastern portions of the United States. People can participate in CFF through individual membership and membership in CFF clubs in their area.

National Winners
Best Cat  
Jazzy Abbys Klezmer of Nubian - Ruddy Abyssinian M
2nd Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McSalzza - Calico Longhair Fold F
3rd Best Cat  
Kasseldolls Lady Nevaeh - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll F
4th Best Cat  
Mundorio's Lenox - Cream Point Himalayan F
5th Best Cat  
Walnut Hollow's Causing A Commotion - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
6th Best Cat  
Stormy Blue Seas - Blue Scottish Fold M
7th Best Cat  
Le Beau Minu Lovely Lily - Blue Silver Tabby/White Maine Coon F
8th Best Cat  
Kasseldolls Sierra - Blue Tortie Colorpoint Ragdoll F
9th Best Cat  
Widowswalk Guinness - Brown Tabby/White Maine Coon M
10th Best Cat  
Tu-Tone's Maverick - Black Cornish Rex F
11th Best Cat  
Pinkatz Wizzy's Kid Dakotah! - Brown Tabby/White Persian M
12th Best Cat  
Blue Velvet Black Jack of Pinkatz - Black Exotic Shorthair M
13th Best Cat  
Spicehill Sawyer of Witchcrafter - Seal Point Himalayan M
14th Best Cat  
Kasseldolls Skyla - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll M
15th Best Cat  
Silver Nuggettes McKallissti - Calico Longhair Fold F
16th Best Cat  
Widowswalk Bushmills - Black/White Maine Coon M
17th Best Cat  
Misty Fold PKW - Lavender/White British Shorthair M
18th Best Cat  
Misty Fold Blackberry - Black Exotic Shorthair F
19th Best Cat  
Franciscan The Angel Gabriel - Blue McTabby Longhair Fold M
20th Best Cat  
Tailsoluv Bel Ami of Sue-Mc - Lavender McTabby Oriental Shorthair F
Best Kitten   
Kasseldolls Skyla - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll M
2nd Best Kitten  
Franciscan Requiem For A Dead Nun -Dilute Calico Scottish Fold F
3rd Best Kitten  
Irlu Glenndonnal Cluvane - Black Harlequin Norwegian Forest Cat M
4th Best Kitten  
Blue-Gems Liberty of Sutton Meows - Chocolate Point Siamese F
5th Best Kitten  
Catnbeary Hot Pocket - Cameo Tabby American Shorthair M
6th Best Kitten  
Franciscan The Angel Gabriel - Blue McTabby Longhair Fold M
7th Best Kitten  
Moon Shadow of Pentaclecats - Ruddy Abyssinian M
8th Best Kitten  
Sandelars Mystick Dancer - Red/White Persian M
9th Best Kitten  
Kasseldolls Klarissa - Blue Tortie Point Bicolor Ragdoll F
10th Best Kitten  
Coonopry Lone Star of Le Beau Minu - Silver Tabby/White Maine Coon M
11th Best Kitten  
Mundorio's Copley - Blue-Cream Himalayan F
12th Best Kitten  
Fin-Cats Flame Thrower of Catnbeary - Red Tabby American Shorthair M
13th Best Kitten  
Mysticdolls Dolphina - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll F
14th Best Kitten  
Mundorio's Chelsea - Blue-Cream Himalayan F
15th Best Kitten  
Coonyham Tamalpais Tom of Fogcity - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
16th Best Kitten  
Alirose Domino of Superdolls - Black Smoke/White Japanese Bobtail M
17th Best Kitten  
Franciscan Lion of Judah - Red McTabby/White Scottish Fold M
18th Best Kitten  
Sutton Meows Fenway of Siamxpress - Blue Point Siamese M
19th Best Kitten  
Kewel Jewel of Pinkatz - Seal Point Exotic Shorthair F
20th Best Kitten  
Panda Mo-Ni-Um of Pinkatz - Black/White Exotic Shorthair F
Best Alter  
Franciscan's Amen! - Blue McTabby/White Longhair Fold N
2nd Best Alter  
Luna-Eclipse's Digger - Brown Tabby Exotic Shorthair N
3rd Best Alter  
Peach Magnolia - Cream/White Persian S
4th Best Alter  
Sir Luka Khan of Suttonian - Blue Point Exotic Longhair N
5th Best Alter  
Pinkatz Kasha-Lily of Suttonian - Dilute Calico Persian S
6th Best Alter  
Kel-C Katz Drifter - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair N
7th Best Alter  
Superdolls Danny Blueberrie - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll N
8th Best Alter  
Superdolls Gerry Berry - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll N
9th Best Alter  
Le Beau Minu Tenchi of Tac-N-Tac - Red Tabby Maine Coon N
10th Best Alter  
Sutton Meows Fenway of Siamxpress - Blue Point Siamese N
11th Best Alter  
Alirose Domino of Superdolls - Black Smoke Japanese Bobtail N
12th Best Alter  
Cathedral Moonbeam - Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll N
13th Best Alter  
El Carim's Blue Boy of Misty Folds - Blue British Shorthair N
14th Best Alter  
Luna Dancer of Witchcrafter - Silver McTabby Exotic Longhair N
15th Best Alter  
Merick of Pentaclecats - Tortoiseshell/White Sphynx S
16th Best Alter  
Misty Fold Witches Brew - Brown Patched Tabby Exotic Shorthair S
17th Best Alter  
Kasseldolls Beau of Ragdoll Boutique - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll N
18th Best Alter  
Felifolie Gianna - Tortoiseshell/White Persian S
19th Best Alter  
Radzacatz T-Rex Nermal - Red Point Himalayan N
20th Best Alter  
Cameowcoons McCloud of Kerrycoons - Brown McTabby/White Maine Coon N

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