CFF's Parade of Perfection for 2009-2010

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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CFF is a feline registry with clubs and judges in the Midwest and Eastern portions of the United States. People can participate in CFF through individual membership and membership in CFF clubs in their area.

CFF's top cats are listed below.


Best Cat    S*Abayomis Izaiah of Kasseldolls (Imp) - Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll M
2nd Best Cat    Mundorio's Kingston - Red McTabby Himalayan M
3rd Best Cat    Pinkatz U Can Call Me Chip - Black Exotic Shorthair M
4th Best Cat    Bama Blues Myah of Sutton Meows - Chocolate Point Siamese F
5th Best Cat    Kasseldolls Skyla - Blue Point Bicolor Ragdoll M
6th Best Cat    Franciscan Hallelujah! - Brown Tabby/White Longhair Fold M
7th Best Cat    Franciscan Maid Marian - Silver Patched Tabby/White Longhair Fold F
8th Best Cat    Loch Ness Pawz Lord Percieval - Lavender/White British Shorthair M
9th Best Cat    Lottarags Boo Boo Boy of Cathedral - Seal Bicolor Ragdoll M
10th Best Cat    Catnbeary White Lighter - Brown Tabby American Shorthair M
11th Best Cat    Le Beau Minu Dusty Rose - Brown Patched Tabby Maine Coon F
12th Best Cat    Ocean Folds Cissiliene of Cap Hgts - Blue-Cream/White Scottish Fold F
13th Best Cat    Stormy Blue Seas - Blue Scottish Fold M
14th Best Cat    Cameowcoons Okemo - Red McTabby/White Maine Coon M
15th Best Cat    Kaloke Koto-Fei of Dynasty Siam (Imp) - Seal Point Siamese M
16th Best Cat    Sarafina of Baby Blues - Blue Point Old-Style Siamese F
17th Best Cat    GGlegacy Angel Kola - Brown Tabby Maine Coon M
18th Best Cat    Blue Sierra of Pinkatz - Blue Tortie Point Himalayan F
19th Best Cat    Magical Neda of Kasseldolls - Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll F
20th Best Cat    Sandelar's Desert Sun - Red Tabby/White Persian M



Best Kitten    Franciscan Hallelujah! - Brown Tabby/White Longhair Fold M
2nd Best Kitten    Franciscan The Blind Will See - Cream McTabby/White Scottish Fold F
3rd Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Dark Knight - Seal Colorpoint Ragdoll M
4th Best Kitten    Pinkatz Texas Blue Bonnet - Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair F
5th Best Kitten    Kingfishers Mia Farrow - Brown Patched Tabby/White Maine Coon F
6th Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Chocolate Delight - Chocolate Colorpoint Ragdoll F
7th Best Kitten    Franciscan Lead Into Temptation - Blue Silver McTabby Scottish Fold M
8th Best Kitten    Burmara Talon - Red Foreign Burmese M
9th Best Kitten    Catnbeary White Lighter - Brown Tabby American Shorthair M
10th Best Kitten    Mundorio's Ashland - Blue-Cream Himalayan F
11th Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Maksim - Seal Point Mitted Ragdoll M
12th Best Kitten    Fossmtn Nimmi of Veritasdolls - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll F
13th Best Kitten    Kerrisma Arielle - Dilute Calico Norwegian Forest Cat F
14th Best Kitten    Sandelar's Desert Sun - Red Tabby/White Persian M
15th Best Kitten    Ragangels Harmony of Veritasdolls - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll F
16th Best Kitten    Mundorio's Joshua Tree of Capitalhgts - Cream Point Himalayan M
17th Best Kitten    Snowtyger of Veritasdolls - Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll M
18th Best Kitten    Magical Neda of Kasseldolls - Blue Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll F
19th Best Kitten    Ocean Folds Three Toes To The Wind - Blue Scottish Fold F
20th Best Kitten    Kasseldolls Lady Roxanne - Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll F



Best Alter    Sir Luka Kahn of Suttonian - Blue Point Exotic Longhair N
2nd Best Alter    Into Wishin Wilhelm - Brown McTabby/White Norwegian Forest Cat N
3rd Best Alter    Boraines Karissima of Suttonian - Black Harlequin Persian S
4th Best Alter    Pinkatz I B Hamlet - Red McTabby/White Exotic Shorthair N
5th Best Alter    Superdolls Gerry Berry - Seal Point Bicolor Ragdoll N
6th Best Alter    Nubian Return To Sender - Ruddy Abyssinian N
7th Best Alter    Granville Bennett - Black Exotic Shorthair N
8th Best Alter    Franciscan Robin Hood - Shaded Cameo/White Longhair Fold N
9th Best Alter    Nantucket Basket - Black Scottish Fold S
10th Best Alter    Sundari Jadah - Brown Spotted Tabby Bengal S
11th Best Alter    Kingfisher's Robin Williams - Red Tabby/White Maine Coon N
12th Best Alter    Superdolls Danny Blueberrie - Blue Point Mitted Ragdoll N
13th Best Alter    Cathedral Moonbeam - Seal Lynx Point Mitted Ragdoll N
14th Best Alter    Jazzy Abbys Eartha Kitt - Ruddy Abyssinian S
15th Best Alter    Frosty Ice Man - Blue Harlequin Cornish Rex N
16th Best Alter    Dahlias Henry W. - Black/White Persian N
17th Best Alter    Sarajen Skyelar Sand Dune Stargazer - Brown Tabby Maine Coon N
18th Best Alter    Curt Schilling of Sutton Meows - Seal Point Siamese N
19th Best Alter    Caricature's John Henry - Bombay N
20th Best Alter    Ramsey Lewis - Bombay N

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