CFA National Winners 2004-2005

Ristokat Himalayans & Persians

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The 2004-2005 CFA show season is officially over. Starting with this season, the kitten and premiership awards were expanded to top 25 placement, matching the championship class.

We would like to extend special congratulations to a cat who made history for its breed...

GP, NW Bondi Colette is the first European Burmese to earn a National Win in CFA!

CFA National Winners 2004-2005
Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Catsafrats Tea Time - Cream Point Himalayan M
2nd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Tuvets Martha's Pick of Abizaq - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon M
3rd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Budmar's Beyonce' of Inthewind - Dilute Calico Persian F
4th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Desmin Driving Miss Daisy - Dilute Calico Exotic F
5th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW PaJean's Voodoo - Black Persian M
6th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Janvier's Useppe of Chatton - Chartreux M
7th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Dotdotdot's Bugatti - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
8th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Soesthill Johnny Cash - Havana Brown M
9th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Nekomo Hiroshi Sugimoto - Black & White SH Japanese Bobtail M
10th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Shadowland's All That Glitters - Bombay M
11th Best Cat  
GC, NW Moirai Wedjat - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
12th Best Cat  
GC, NW Scrimshaw Seance - Black Persian F
13th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Bastis Theenvelopeplease of Anubis - Ruddy Abyssinian M
14th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Mistysprings Jest One More Kiss - Bi-Color SH Manx M
15th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Kitty Charm Fired Up And Reddy - Red Tabby Persian M
16th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Tsar Blu's Zelebrity - Russian Blue M
17th Best Cat  
GC, NW Sulltans Shining Starlet - Flame Point Himalayan F
18th Best Cat  
GC, NW Tribal Kambara Puku of Spots O-Lot - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
19th Best Cat  
GC, NW Purrzone's Candy Kisses of Divinity- Calico Persian F
20th Best Cat  
GC, NW Shubacoons Lincoln Park - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon M
21st Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Redzone Gwendolynne Roisin of Irlu - Cream & White Norwegian Forest Cat F
22nd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Skatts Dixie - Blue Ticked Tabby Oriental Shorthair F
23rd Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Valafold's Celtic Piper of Lochlee - Black & White SH Scottish Fold M
24th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Stedam Singing The Blues of Kittrik - Blue Tabby American Shorthair F
25th Best Cat  
GC, BW, NW Majikmoon Kugel Coruscate - Red Sphynx M
*** Kittens may have added GC to their titles since this list was made
Best Kitten  
GC, NW Catillak's Repete Performance - Red Tabby & White Persian M
2nd Best Kitten  
GC, BW, NW Starrpawzs Got Love? - Black & White LH Scottish Fold M
3rd Best Kitten  
GC, NW Couronne Magic of Wishes - Black Persian M
4th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Catsafrats Witch Way Is Up - Tortoiseshell Persian F
5th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Marcus Mrs. Butterworth - Tortoiseshell Persian F
6th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Stedam's Autumn Splendor of Bovon - Blue Tabby & White American Shorthair F
7th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Argentovivo Juliet of Wishes - Brown Patched McTabby Exotic F
8th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Noblessa's Get On Board - Copper-Eyed White Persian F
9th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Bastis Midniteattheoasis of Tinbats - Ruddy Abyssinian M
10th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Pretty Bald The Canucks of Whiteweb - Brown Tabby & White Sphynx F
11th Best Kitten  
NW Procurlharem Yankee Dudecurl Dandy - Brown Spotted Tabby & White LH American Curl M
12th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Jouvencebleu Versailles of Janvier - Chartreux F
13th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Kenkat Born To Run - Cream Persian M
14th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Grovewood Corbin Copy - Seal Lynx Point Himalayan M
15th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Coupari's Renee Zellweg'ear - Brown Patched Tabby & SH Scottish Fold F
16th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Dal-Bo's Jillian of Burnbrae - Seal Point Himalayan F
17th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Tuvets Rags And Riches - Brown McTabby & White Maine Coon F
18th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Kenkat Gidget Goes To Washington - Tortoiseshell Persian F
19th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Cotn Hill's Special Delivery - Red Tabby & White Persian M
20th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Spellbound My A Milkshake of JKZoo - Brown McTabby & White Exotic F
21st Best Kitten  
GC, NW Prancenpaws Classical Jazz - Seal Point Himalayan F
22nd Best Kitten  
GC, NW Wildtracks Sunquest of Ocigatos - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat M
23rd Best Kitten  
GC, NW Young-Uns Jezebel - Red Tabby Persian F
24th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Abycastle Mauizowie - Red Abyssinian M
25th Best Kitten  
GC, NW Gilly's Bagg'ear Vance of Coupari - Brown McTabby & White LH Scottish Fold M
Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Jeannel Johnny B Good - Brown McTabby & White Persian N
2nd Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Heartbeeps Pistol Pete of Casein - Russian Blue N
3rd Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Chantilylace Groucho Marks of Bara, DM - Van Blue & White Persian N
4th Best Premier  
GP, NW Budmar's Art Deco of Koi Pond - Black & White Persian N
5th Best Premier  
CH, GP, NW Boberan's Black Magic - Black Persian N
6th Best Premier  
GP, NW Texas Belle Butler, Jr. - Black & White Maine Coon N
7th Best Premier  
GP, NW Bondi Colette - Cream European Burmese S
8th Best Premier  
GP, NW Pironti Will Smith of Calcat - Black Persian N
9th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Sunlit Dream A Little Dream - Shaded Tortoiseshell Persian S
10th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Byhishands Lucille Ball - Red Tabby Persian S
11th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Sunstone Morocco Reggae - Chocolate Spotted Ocicat N
12th Best Premier  
GP, NW Winterfrost Goblin - Red McTabby Oriental Shorthair N
13th Best Premier 
CH, GP, NW Sunlit Black Pearl - Black Persian S
14th Best Premier  
CH, GP, NW Parti Wai Total Recall - Red & White Persian N
15th Best Premier  
GP, NW Tropikoons Beach Bum - Red Tabby & White Maine Coon N
16th Best Premier  
GP, NW Casadecano's Jaguar of Gwydian - Ebony Oriental Shorthair N
17th Best Premier  
CH, GP, NW Kashi Saga Pirate Winter - Brown McTabby & White Norwegian Forest Cat N
18th Best Premier 
GP, NW Nascat Jordache of Tropikoons - Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon N
19th Best Premier 
GC, GP, NW Mosu's Gray Shadow - Lavendar Spotted Ocicat N
20th Best Premier  
GP, NW Wenlock Courante of Dulcimer - Champagne Mink Tonkinese S
21st Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Vagary Ipso Facto - Red McTabby & White SH Manx S
22nd Best Premier 
GP, NW Furrydance Texmexrex - Red Tabby & White Cornish Rex N
23rd Best Premier 
CH, GP, NW Chelsea Rose McKenna - Blue British Shorthair S
24th Best Premier  
GC, GP, NW Earlywinters Mustang Sally - Black Persian S
25th Best Premier  
GP, NW Alexy's Wappity Wabbit of Avec Joie - Seal Point Siamese N




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